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Find Out What Your Soul Urge Number Is?

By Souls of Silver

All of us live only once and we all have a purpose. Yet the strangest thing is that we humans completely forget what our purpose is. Understanding the Soul Urge Number will, however, assist you in finding out what you really desire to do in your lifetime.

To understand the desire of your heart, you must add the numbers which correspond to each vowel that is in the full name that you have.

A – J – S = 1

B – K – T = 2

C – L – U = 3

D – M – V = 4

E – N – W = 5

F – O – X = 6

G – P – Y = 7

H – Q – Z = 8

I – R = 9

To help you understand this better, here is an example:

Using the last name and first name: Asher Katarina

5 + 1 + 1 + 9 +1 + 1 = 18

In case your addition results in a number which is not a 22 or an 11, just add the two digits.

8 +1 = 9

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In my case, it is number 9 which corresponds to my Soul Urge Number.

Soul Urge 1 To Achieve

soul urge

Number 1 is one that corresponds with leadership. This urges your soul to achieve all that you can until your last breath. Hard work, authenticity, and independence really appeal to your soul. Your soul wants to be known by all and sundry and bring about change all across the globe with the passion and work that you undertake.

Soul Urge 2 For Connections

This number represents human connections and communal bonds. Your soul desires to bring harmony and peace wherever you go. You love selflessly and receive love several folds in return. Cooperation is your strong suit, and it’s just waiting to be applied in bigger opportunities that life will hand out to you. Diplomacy is one thing you can harness and bring about peace and harmony.

3: Looking For Inspirations

Inspiration, creativity, and joy are the things that this number represents. Your soul desires to create entities, which bring joy to everyone, and in the process, also heal itself. Authentic expression and loving all things that are beautiful is no big deal for you. Never give up on your dreams as this will lead you on a path of depression and loss of joy. Inspire all that is around you to live a happy life with your creativity.

Soul Urge 4 To Assist

You are possibly already an absolute bomb of a marriage partner or business partner, and if not, you definitely will be. Your soul craves stability as well as providing for other individuals. Problem-solving and hard work comes to you naturally. You probably have all the answers to most people’s problems. Crush everything that is limiting yourself so that nothing is stopping you from achieving the greatness you are born to achieve.

5: Urge For Freedom

Your soul craves a carefree life. It wants adventure, it wants to experience different things in life, and you probably are already out on your own adventure. This number is also the bearer of spiritual gifts, intelligence, and resilience. Using the powers that the universe has given you, you can inspire others to live a fulfilling, free, and authentic life. Never fear anything that might be in your way and plow through it at the speed of light.

Soul Urge 6 For Nurturing

Serving the community is the true desire of your soul. The community, the family, the town, the city, or any size of the community might be of your interest. You are nurturing and loving, you can bring everyone together and make them happy. You worry a lot because you want everyone to do well.

7: Seeking The Meaning Of Life

This is a number that represents a deeply introspective character that is hidden in a lot of us. It is just waiting to find its release into the universe so that it can devour all the knowledge that the universe has to offer. The deepest, darkest questions, which make everyone uncomfortable, arouse this burning sensation in you. This sensation and thirst for knowledge can only be quenched by your own findings.

Soul Urge 8 To Create A Difference

Eight is a number that represents abundance. This will bring you all the weapons of war that you will ever need to beat life to a pulp. All the achievements that you will have will let you then give away all that you want with limitless generosity. You are a leader who can make men march into a volcano. Use this to your advantage and make everyone march towards a better future.

9: Spiritual Growth

soul urge for Spiritual Growth

You are predisposed to be able to attain higher levels of consciousness as well as a higher spiritual being. You will make an excellent philanthropist because of your deep humanitarian values of being able to love without conditions.

Soul Urge 11 To Be A Healer

Number 2 desires to connect and love all, and number 1 will be the supreme leader of all beings. This combo pack of numbers will enable you to assist everyone through service as well as creativity.

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Soul Urge 22 To Be A Teacher

This number fuses the hard-working character of number 4 with the lovingness of number 2. You are the very ultimate when it comes to imparting lessons that can truly benefit the human species. Your soul really desires to lead a path of deep spirituality, and can very likely immerse itself in spiritual exploration. You are the only barrier to yourself, so take a deep breath and calm down. Nothing is impossible unless you yourself say so.

What number did you get? Are you a leader or a lover or something else?

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