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Anima And Animus: The Divine Feminine And Masculine That Resides In Us All

By Souls of Silver

One must always remember that we contain everything within us. No single being is disconnected. We are all one. We contain fire, spirit, water, and soul within us. Likewise, we also contain the anima and the animus: the divine feminine and masculine. 

The seeming opposites of the anima and the animus are deeply connected. Finding a balance and exploring the feminine and masculine is crucial to finding inner peace. 

The Anima and Animus Defined

Carl Jung, a leading psychiatrist, introduced the term “anima and animus.” the divine feminine and masculine energies are inside all of us. It doesn’t matter what gender or sexual orientation we identify with. In particular, the feminine energy inside a man is called anima. Similarly, the innate masculine energy inside a female is called the animus. They are both ancient energy forms that have guided human civilizations. 

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The Divine Feminine And Masculine


The term is originally Latin, and it literally means a breath of fresh air; life and soul. In today’s sense, we use Anima to describe the innate feminine energy within a man. In today’s society, we often see this energy being repressed or forgotten. 

Unfortunately, accepting and manifesting the divine feminine and masculine energies for every gender has become a taboo. If males embrace their femininity, they are more often than not criticized. And this leads to a huge problem with accepting one’s true self. 

Psychology has acknowledged the fact that a male must explore and accept his unconscious femininity to truly manifest his masculinity. In simple terms, one has to accept both the yin and the yang; the anima and animus: the divine feminine and masculine.

In this necessary quest, people sometimes tend to find the opposite energy in someone else. Maybe a lover or partner. However, one must realize that embodying these energies through others is impossible. You are the one who has to accept it and embody it to truly become complete. 

A man who has successfully embodied his anima will be caring, considerate, compassionate, and patient. Repressing this energy, on the other hand, leads to toxic masculinity, vanity, and aggression. 


Originated from Latin, the term translates to rationality and mental strength. It is the innate feminine energy within a female. Similar to men, the women in our society are often conditioned to suppress and restrain this divine energy. 

Many times, Animus can be overemphasized as well. This happens because people equate masculine traits with success. Overemphasis also leads to toxic traits like emotional numbness, ruthlessness, and destructive tendencies. 

The key to handling the divine feminine and masculine is balance. The anima and the animus are best manifested when one truly accepts oneself. 

When a female successfully embodies the animus, it will result in rationality, assertiveness, and mental strength. 

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Become A Whole By Reclaiming Your Anima And Animus

divine feminine and masculin

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Reclaiming the anima and the animus has to do with self-realization. It leads us to accept oneself for who we are, which leads to spiritual growth.

It’s all about understanding one’s individuality and what one is capable of. Every single of us is interconnected. But that does not mean that we are not unique. Our souls and innate energies residing within us are unique. Understanding and accepting this will bring us a step closer to the inner peace that we all seek. It is essential for spiritual growth. 

The Divine Feminine And Masculine Are Free From Gender And Sexuality 

Our modern world feels the need to categorize everything. We forget that everything works on a spectrum. Nothing functions in isolation. Similarly, gender and sex are not separate categories from the divine energies. 

It also does not mean that you have to change your sexual orientation to embrace the other form of divine energy. If you identify as a homosexual, embodying the divine energies does not mean that you have to become straight. Absolutely not. Similarly, if you are a straight person, you don’t have to try to become a homosexual. 

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The divine feminine and masculine energies are not about sexuality. It is rather about creating a balance between the different unconscious energies that reside within us all. It is about finding one’s true self. 

When we create a balance, we will feel our individuality strengthens and become a whole. The struggle between the anima and animus is what generates self-doubt and anxiety. The end goal is to mature as a person. 

Here’s How You Can Connect With Your Divine Feminine And Masculine Energies

divine feminine and masculin

There are a number of ways that you can unravel the hidden or suppressed inner energies. 

Few Tips To Connect With The Anima For Men

The inner anima expresses itself through sensitivity, emotionality, and passivity. You can manifest them by following the below suggestions. 

  1. Listen with compassion and concern. 
  2. Revive your passion by indulging in romantic acts. 
  3. Nurture a person, animal, or even a plant. 
  4. Be considerate and thoughtful of other’s needs. 
  5. Indulge in creative activities like dance, poetry, or music. 
  6. Meditate and be mindful of your feelings. 
  7. Practice self-care and self-love. 

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Few Tips To Connect With The Animus For Women

The inner animus expresses itself through dominant, logical, and active acts. Follow the suggestions below to truly manifest your inner animus. 

  1. Be assertive.
  2. Put yourself in a position of authority. 
  3. Take charge of life and explore your leadership skills. 
  4. Practice self-reliance by becoming self-sufficient. 
  5. Meditate and gain insight into your needs. 
  6. Find a role model with strong divine masculine energy and channel it. 

It’s really about striking a balance and exploring our inner anima and animus. Where do you stand in the spectrum of the anima and the animus? This is one question you can ask yourself to understand which energy you need to revive and strengthen. Also, note that the balance will shift throughout your life. 

To be at peace, you will have to constantly be in touch with your divine feminine and masculine energies.



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