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Astrology And The Pandemic: What Is The Cosmos Trying To Tell Us?

By Souls of Silver

The novel coronavirus has hit the world hard. Starting from worldwide lockdowns to financial debilitation, each passing day brings us graver news. During such times, let’s see what the astrology and the pandemic together have in store for us.  

Saturn-Pluto Unity Brings Economic Strain, Historically Proven

The years 1982, 1914-15, and 1947 all remind us of great wars and times of crisis along with severe recessions. It’s not a coincidence that the Saturn-Pluto conjugations also happened at the same time as these. 

Year Of The Rat- Astrology And The Pandemic

The Lunar New Year states 2020 to be the ‘Year of the Rat’, and surprisingly enough, the novel coronavirus is said to have originated from an animal that’s often confused to be a member of the rat family-a bat. Something to think about!

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Saturn Merges With An Air Sign- Forecasts Respiratory Diseases

On 21st March, Saturn moved into Aquarius. In astrological terms, this meant that the airborne diseases or infections related to the respiratory system will develop, putting public health at great risk. The presence of Saturn in Aquarius also denotes the cancellation of social events.

astrology and the pandemic

What Does Saturn In Aquarius Reveal?

Astrology and the pandemic relationship reveal that Saturn in Aquarius will have an impact on pharmaceutical experiments and innovations. These uncanny astrological revelations have a bearing on our lives as a whole during this entire pandemic period.  

Current Astrology And Pandemic Shows Air Travel Will Be Disturbed

Saturn has moved into Aquarius, an air sign, which had a clear effect on air travel or the flight industry as a whole till 1st July 2020. After that Saturn has moved from his position and will return in December.

Coronavirus To Change The Face Of Economy

Uranus’s 8-year revolution through Taurus will make way for a new economy. The pandemic outbreak has led to the growth of the bitcoin economy. It might emerge as a new development during these times of crisis. 

The changes might seem scary at first, but remember that change means progress. What we must remember about astrology and pandemic is that change is constant. The universe is looking out for us all. Be safe!



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