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Choose A Celtic Knot Symbol To Find Out Your Hidden Personality

By Souls of Silver

You might not be aware of this, but our inner self reveals a lot more about ourselves than all our senses. We get to know more about ourselves only when we dive inside. Celtic Knots are one such thing that helps us reveal our hidden personalities. 

The subconscious is the reservoir of all our inner desires, passions, and motivation. We cannot hope to uncover the depths of our personality without the aid of our subconscious. 

What Are Celtic Knots?

As you can see in the picture, there are 6 differently shaped knots called the Celtic knots. Each of these knots reveals some interesting detail about you. If you take a deep look, you’ll notice that only one among the six will draw you. That means you’ve found your subconscious choice.

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Different Celtic Knots And Their Meanings

Each symbol carries a different meaning. If you’ve chosen a particular Celtic knot, there must be something that draws you to that symbol. Remember, nothing’s random.  


Triquetra celtic knot

This one is the first one from the top left corner, also known as the Triquetra. This is a special version of a Trinity Knot. It’s one of the more popular ones. Since you chose this Celtic Knot, it tells us that you’re a person who appreciates all the aspects of life. You’re responsible and committed, who does what needs to get done. This knot can be simple, but it tells us you need a getaway from overbearing stress surrounding you.

Cross composed of four interlaced triquetras

This knot might look confusing. Not many people go for this knot. If you like this Celtic Knot, it means that you need to untie your emotional knots. It’s easier said than done, but to grow, you need to let yourself heal from all the emotional pain you’re hiding. Start telling yourself that you’re responsible for your happiness and not others.

Trinity Celtic Knot

trinity celtic knot

This is the simplest of the knots. But that is not necessarily bad. It reveals that you’re a family-oriented person with a knack for simplicity. You have a straight-forward nature. You love your close one with all your heart and can do anything for them. But this knot also reveals that you need assistance to help you through life as there are a lot of things which you fail to grasp.

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Shield Knot

shield celtic knot

This is the fourth knot. You’re someone who needs protection, physical and mental. You’re fighting through life and want a corner that can protect you.

Square Celtic Knot

square celtic knot

This symbol may look confusing at first glance, but it holds immense strength within. If you’re drawn to this knot, it reveals that you hide more than you let out. Your external personality is like a shell that doesn’t let others in very easily.


Triskelion knot

This is the sixth Celtic Knot. It’s an interesting choice for many reasons. Firstly, you’re a person who’s drawn to the unconventional. The common path of life is not for you. But the spirals within the symbol signify that this different path has led to a lot of confusion. And you’re in constant need of reassurance to make your way through life.

Choose your Celtic Knot and let us know if you found this useful.

Featured Image Credit: Awareness Act



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