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A Forehead Kiss Is Like Kissing Your Own Purest Spirit

By Souls of Silver

We have a giant number of things which we employ to express our feelings and our affection for our loved ones. But in the 21st century, a kiss has become somewhat universal as an expression of love. It can perhaps, be called the perfect expression since it speaks volumes about your feelings towards a person. But sometimes a forehead kiss might leave you confused about its point and the intentions behind it. So what is the significance of a forehead kiss?

But don’t worry, it is the symbol of pure love which you might see between a mother and her child, siblings, and amongst close friends too. Read further to find out more.

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The Varying Meaning of Forehead Kisses

A kiss should be simple, right? But given the fact that there are endless complications in our lives, a kiss can also hold plenty of meaning. But rest assured, there isn’t anything negative that you have to worry about. The very significance of a forehead kiss here is that it can mean a lot of things.

Blessed Without the Use of Words

You might think that only our elders can bless us, but that is not the case at all. Blessings are universal and can come from anyone and anywhere. A kiss on the forehead symbolizes goodwill and bestowing happiness.

Affection minus Sexual Connotations

One might say that this generation has become all too physical in their approach of love. But regardless of the legitimacy of the statement, a forehead kiss can certainly mean legitimate affection. A partner who just wants to lie with you and kiss your forehead is one you shouldn’t let go.

Conveying Care, Adoration, and Profound Respect

The sweetest thing to wake up to is a kiss on the forehead. It shows that your partner adores you even while you innocently sleep. A kiss on the forehead is also considered an honoring gesture bestowed to the bride.

An Undying Selfless Love Which Will Prevail

Love can manifest itself in several manners, but a self-seeking love is a red flag. But we have come to ignore it or just generally fail to see it in today’s times. But someone that kisses you on the forehead even in a packed and rushed day adores you and you are an important part of their life.

Conveying Protectiveness and Responsibility

The onset of modernism has brought forth a lot of changes in our lives, regardless of the fact we know them or not. One of them is ‘casual relationships’. But is a relationship really casual if your partner kisses your forehead? Just take some time and think about it now that you know that a forehead kiss conveys a true feeling of oneness and care.

Kissing The Soul Through The Forehead

As one might know, our third eye chakra lies in our forehead. Hence, it can be inferred that a person kissing our forehead is touching our soul. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly implies a connection that is more than just looks; it’s the connection of the souls.

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Other Meanings

The kisses can be interpreted in various ways given the condition, stage, and intensity of the relationship. It can denote platonic affection or it can be a blessing for safe travel.

While there are plenty who think this display of affection is ridiculous and arbitrary. It is important for us to acknowledge the purity of this kiss. It is like a warm hug on a cold winter worming, it is like reassurance in the roller-coaster of life. Just know that you are very fortunate if you have someone in your life that kisses you on the forehead.

If this reminds you of someone who showered you with love and affection, then please share the joy with your friends and family. 



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