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8 Lessons Women Can Learn By Meeting Their Twin Flame

By Souls of Silver

Almost like soul mates but not quite, a twin flame relationship is one of the most important and lucky experiences you will ever have in your lifetime. Even after reaching new heights of self-awareness, there will always be parts of your own soul that remain hidden from you. All of this will be brought into the light when you meet your twin flame. They will show you more of yourself than you can see without them.

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Woman are naturally maternal and, quite often, they are gifted empaths. When they come across their twin flames, their lives will change with the wisdom they gain from that relationship. Here are some of the lessons they will learn:

1. Silence Is Golden

No one needs to be constantly reassured and validated but most of us don’t understand this. The connection twin flames share cuts right through our souls. It belongs to the realm of the spirits. You will begin to connect more meaning to gestures and actions.

2. No Fear Of Loss

People only lose each other when their connection is material and worldly. A twin flame relationship cannot be explained the same way. It exists far above this world and our bodies.

3. Leadership

The patriarchal society we live in keeps telling women that it is men who must take the lead. But meeting your twin flame will show you that you are very much capable of leadership among other things.

4. Inner Spirituality

We live in a world that keeps encouraging us to pile up material goods. By doing so, it makes us forget about nurturing our spirit. Your twin flame brings you closer to your spirit because your path becomes visible to you through them.

5. Sexual Intimacy

Ancient cultures all over the world have recognized sex as part and parcel of their religious ceremonies. Sex with your twin flame will be like nothing you’ve experienced before because your very souls are in contact.

6. Love And Comfort For The Soul

Oftentimes you might have ended up neglecting your soul’s wellbeing, but your twin flame will help you recognize these mistakes and correct them. They will also teach you that love is worth waiting for. When the two of you come together, the sheer cosmic energy of your bond will surprise you.

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7. The Difficulties Of Man

While the world isn’t an easy place for women, it is also important to remember that the patriarchy makes life difficult for men as well. When you see your twin flame jumping these hurdles, you gain a better understanding of the problems that men face.

8. Learning From The Past

As much as you may resent your exes, by analyzing each relationship, you’ll come to realize that all of them were important. They ensured that you were ready and willing when the time came to meet your twin flame.

Enjoy your twin flame relationship. Show the world the fire of your love.

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