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5 Signs That Indicate You Have Met Your Twin Flame

By Souls of Silver

A twin flame is best described as your soul’s other half. The theory is that as the soul ascends to a higher frequency, it splits into two halves and enters two separate bodies. So, this means that you two are not only “mates” for each other, but literally are part of each other. 

Don’t worry about never meeting your twin flame because the law is that you two will attract each other with magnetic energy. Here are 5 signs that indicate that you have already met your twin flame:

1. You Two Are Always In Sync

You feel the same emotions, often at the same time. You can almost always tell what’s on the mind of the other person and vice versa. 

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2. Your Hobbies And Interests Are The Same

Let’s just say that it’s easy to be around each other. It’s never difficult to think of something to do together because you two like the same things. 

3. Social Distancing For You Two Is A Nightmare 

It doesn’t have to be romantic, but being together and close to each other will be a source of comfort and energy for you and your twin flame. 

twin flame

4. The Word “Shame” Does Not Apply When You Two Are Together

Being together with your twin flame will feel as comfortable as being alone with your thoughts. Like thoughts flow freely, you two flow freely around each other. You won’t feel the need to hide anything from your partner. 

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5. You Are One And The Same

You two will understand each other as no one can. Observing your twin flame can give you insights into who you really are. The experience can get uncomfortable but know that it will feel highly liberating. 

When you meet your other half, reconcile and accept your own self. Only then a twin flame relationship can blossom to become the deepest, most meaningful, and the most beautiful connection you will ever experience.

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