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Pisces New Moon: Get Ready To Escape Reality

By Souls of Silver

A dizzying phase is coming which will push you to escape the realities of this world. The Pisces New Moon this year is going to be an otherworldly experience that can even change your life.

Chaotic and confusing, the New Moon’s influence will carry on for most of March. But there won’t be any new external factors brought in to interrupt us. Whatever we’re already dealing with in this life will only seem much bigger and more complicated.

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Pisces signifies the depths of the ocean and consciousness. It is associated with flexibility and the connection between all entities in the universe. A period of dreams and mysticism. It won’t be new for us. All these influences have been working on us for almost a decade as Chiron made his way through Pisces.

Confusion Abound

Though his journey ended mid-February, his influence is going to continue for a while. The lines between the realms have become blurrier due to his passing. Chiron is governed by Neptune, the god of the oceans and the weaver of all our dreams. The sky’s greatest illusion, Neptune also represents cosmic love and spiritual journeys. Intricately entwined with the New Moon, He wraps it in clouds and mist so that we are no longer able to think clearly and rationally.

The interaction of Neptune with Jupiter in Sagittarius is also heightening this experience. More and more clouds are rolling in, and together, they inspire us to be creative, especially with their expansive energies. Along with these two masters of creations comes Mercury. The messenger of the Gods will start moving in retrograde at the same time as the rise of the New Moon.

A Bit Of Miscommunication

Located right on the tail of the Pisces New Moon, Mercury is coming from a place of despair. Chiron passed through that spot last month and we all felt it in the aching of our bodies and our souls. Luckily, Chiron’s effect was double that of Mercury’s. So, this time, it might actually help us get our lives together and find the hidden messages scattered everywhere to guide us.

But Mercury works through images and ideas more than it does through the written words. Inspiration might come to us in various hues and tones. Our sixth sense will be more active than ever.

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At the same time, the tricky, deceptive side of Mercury is also brought out and more often than not, words won’t seem to mean what we want them to. Be prepared for technological failures as well.

Uranus Moves In

When all of this is going on, Uranus will be moving into dependable Taurus to prepare for a journey that could take up to seven years. The tensions building up in society will finally reach boiling points so we need to be prepared for life as we know it to change.

Outdated traditions and societal norms will come crashing down before these new waves of thought brought by the intelligence of Uranus and the spells of Neptune. We will get epiphanies that will reveal to us all the corruption and evil in the world.

Don’t try to tap into this power. Allow it to pass through you and simply learn what you can from it. Be cautious in all your movements and seek out a guide to show you the way.

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