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Not A Flashy Statement: Why Wedding Rings Are So Important

By Souls of Silver

The exchange of rings at a wedding is the most beautiful moment. The bride and the groom are (ideally) immersed in their love for each other and everyone who is watching can feel the power of that emotion. Sadly, once they are married, many people stop wearing their rings. For some, it is impossible because of allergies or work but many just don’t seem to understand the significance and power of the two little bands.

Six Reasons Why Wedding Rings Matter

1. The First Impression

When you go out to meet people, many will automatically zoom in on your ring finger to see if you’re wearing your ring. You might have some very trivial reason for not having it on but to them, it will speak volumes about the status of your relationship. While what others think isn’t always important, why allow them to question your integrity and commitment if you can just avoid it by wearing the ring?

2. You’re Now Part Of A Team

Wearing your ring ensures that you never forget to think about the effect your choices will have on your partner. It is a physical manifestation of the emotional bond you’ve created. Now, both of you have intertwined your lives together. So every step that you will take from now on will be taken together. The ring just serves to remind you of that responsibility every day.

3. Respect And Love

Every act of respect does not have to be overt and loud. In a marriage, you respect each other even with your silence. It’s something that you’re always giving to each other and one way to show it is by wearing your ring. This matters even more if your partner wants you to keep it on. Saying no to such a simple thing is a sign that you don’t respect them or their desires while expecting them to respect yours.

4. Protection From Temptation

In this life, we are all tempted. There’s no foolproof way to protect ourselves from the temptations that come our way but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. When you keep your ring on, you’re silently telling people that you’re unavailable because you’re in a committed relationship. There are some of those who may still be crass enough to approach you even with a ring on but many will respect it and maintain the right boundaries.

5. A Lesson For Your Children

Kids learn about relationships by watching their parents; thus setting a good example for them is important. Make sure that you teach them what a happy, fulfilling marriage is supposed to look like. You need to show them that commitment matters within the four walls of your home as well as in the outside world. While this takes a lot of effort, wearing your ring is an easy way to start.

6. There’s No Reason Why You Shouldn’t

Well, there might be one or two. For example, if you have some skin condition or if your workplace isn’t a conducive environment for jewelry. But besides these exceptions, wearing the ring can only benefit your relationship. It is an important sign that you’re willing to put in all the work that marriages require.

Never underestimate the power of wedding rings.

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