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9 Ways To Protect Yourself If You’re An Empath

By Souls Of Silver

If you are empathetic, you can identify and feel what others are going through. It can be both good and depressing. If you are an empath, you have already burdened yourself with the pain and suffering of others. Negative people may have come into your life and inserted their toxic energy in you. It’s a price we empaths have to pay. But, with these 9 ways, you can stay away from negative energy coming your way:

1. You cannot make everybody happy

It’s impossible to make everyone happy. All complaints do not need a solution, and you are not obligated to give any. The more you engage in solving the problems of others, the more energy you deplete. Everybody will not love you. Some people will just want to use you. Start loving yourself and create a force field which only allows people you can trust inside. The world has a thousand problems – you can’t change everything. Don’t make it into an obsession.

2. Don’t invite all kinds of people in your life

You absorb the energy of people. You become connected to them – body, mind, and soul. Your body is your temple and your energy spreads through it. Would you allow everyone inside your temple? Even the ones who don’t respect it? I believe not. Start saying ‘no’ for people looking to trample over everything you hold dear. Don’t feel bad about it.

3. Stay away from energy vampires

Energy vampires are the parasites that look to feed off empaths. They know the power empaths hold, and once they get you to release some of it their way, they feed off it. It’s your attention they are seeking. Don’t give it to them. If someone is always loading your life with their frustrations without bringing any inner change, know that they are stealing your energy. Some might even ruin you mentally by dropping some negativity into your life. You wouldn’t want that!

4. Nature is your solace

Nature is pure positive energy. It is never going to let you down. Make a point to go out and be one with nature. Breathe deeply and freely – let the blood circulate through your body. Walk through nature – let your heart fly in it like a butterfly. Go to an isolated spot and meditate. Don’t let any people’s thoughts enter your mind.

5. You are responsible for your emotions and thoughts

As empaths, we can perceive the world in a way that cannot be perceived by anyone else. It’s stronger and deeper, and most people fail to comprehend how it works. The universe keeps sending different people to test us. Can we stand the test? Know that you are never a victim – you are far more powerful than that. You can control your thoughts and perceptions – you can allow or restrict other thoughts from coming into your head. Start locking the door to other people’s thoughts – stop worrying about your own self. And if you do so, take responsibility and start working on it.

6. Negative energy must be released

Negative emotions feed negative energy. But we are all human beings – we cannot stop ourselves from being sad or angry from time to time. The problem occurs when we start to suppress it. The more we suppress, the more negative energy we create within ourselves. Start expressing yourself. Shout in your room when you feel frustrated. Cry it out in the bathroom. Free yourself from negativity.

7. Everything does not have to be serious

Life can be fun sometimes. Relax and enjoy it. People don’t always come to talk about their problems. Sometimes, they might talk about the weather. Enjoy a good conversation. There’s no need to worry about the world or your energy. Everything is not as bad as you imagine it to be.

8. Listen to positive music

Positivity can come from any place and it’s our sense organs that catch it. If you are burdened with negativity, just plug in your headphones and drown in some positive music. Dance. Sing. Let the positive vibes envelope you.

9. Love yourself

We do a lot for others, and in the process, we forget ourselves. Stop and ask yourselves – do you care enough about you? Are you happy with where you are right now? You need to spend time with yourself. Be empathetic to yourself – love who you are. Realise that you are worth loving.

Energy is precious for us empaths but the world is filled with traps to steal it. Protecting your energy is the first step to becoming a well-grounded empath. Love yourself and enjoy peace. Use your energy for your own well-being.



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