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Get Ready For Honest Confessions: Mercury Moves Into Sagittarius This Month

By Souls of Silver

There may be another twist in your lives just before the year comes to an end.

December 12th would be witness to an astrological shift which gives you all a chance to bring some major positive changes into your life before going into 2019! What is this shift?

Well! Mercury is moving into the Sagittarian sign. Anyone who is into astrology does not need to be told what this means. It is obviously good news!

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is very important to each one of us as it dominates one of our most essential qualities.

It makes us capable of communicating and connecting with other people. You surely don’t believe that it would be a great world if you could not share your feelings and thoughts with any other person.

The world would be all chaotic then! Do not make the mistake of underestimating this planet. All of our relationships, trust, and success are based upon the solid ground provided by Mercury.

As Mercury was recently in the Scorpion sign, your lives have been quite troublesome. The energy of Scorpion-Mercury alliance has encouraged plenty of drama involving meaningful and deep conversations.

You have been quite perplexed and annoyed at not being able to share your frustrations because of the thought that it would only induce more trouble in your life. There has been an uncontrollable rush of negativity in your otherwise optimistic self, and even before you could realise, it has gotten you into all sorts of trouble.

It’s very likely that you’ve been in many fights and disagreements through this time. You’ve probably hurt some feelings and have been hurt yourself as well. Your relationships have been through tough tests.

All this was worsened when Mercury’s energy blew out of proportion, owing to the planet’s shift into what is commonly known as the retrograde movement.

Life has not at all been easy owing to the series of miscommunications, mix-ups, electronic malfunctions and even travels delays. It’s not surprising if you have been hiding, waiting for all this to get over.

The piling up of these troubles one after the other with no respite whatsoever, has undoubtedly been quite exhausting for you. Well, the good news is that your troubles are going to end. 

As Mercury moves into Sagittarius this December, its influence on our lives would not at all be the same as it had been.

The Sagittarius, being an immensely positive and optimistic sign, is bound to bring you the much-needed respite that you have been looking for. The flow of conversations which are uplifting and positive would occur with ease.

For all those who have been pondering upon some new ideas and have wanted to put them forward in their work or even relationships, this is the best time for you!

The words that you utter now are going to be more confident, energetic, and full of determination because of the Sagittarian energy. On top of that, it is by far the most adventurous zodiac and would give you all the energy you need to make your life better and more exciting. You would be surprised at your own persuasiveness when all these energies fall in line.

However, take good care to keep your head straight through this time. So much positivity must be handled with a lot of care. The Sagittarian energy is very impulsive and if you are not careful, you might land up in trouble. Now is the time to ‘look before you leap’, more than it ever was!

So, be focused and hone all your self-control. Once you do that, this is your time and there’s nothing that can stop you from succeeding!

This article was originally published by Soul Travel Rules And has been reposted here by kind permission.



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