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Ritual For The 2019 Aries New Moon

By Souls of Silver

The New Moon in Aries approached us on the 5th of April and it is a good opportunity to rejuvenate the energies of our soul. A cleansing and re-awakening of the self can help us realign ourselves with the path of our soul. During this time, we can let go of whatever is weighing us down and assimilate the newer energies to connect us to the Universe.
The Aries New Moon ritual can help you be in sync with the rhythm of the universe so that you are guided by your elemental energies rather than conceit. The ritual is recommended to be performed within the days between the 5th of April and 14th of April, 2019. It is pretty simple and requires easily available things that are listed below.

Ritual Ingredients:

Any preferred cleansing tool (sage, incense, oil, etc)
Two candles
A few sheets of paper
A bowl of water

How to perform the ritual:

Step 1

Before you can welcome the new, you have to let go of the old. Cleanse your aura and your surroundings to accommodate it. Use your preferred cleansing tool and chant “I am cleansing my mind and my aura. I am freeing myself from any negativity. I am calm. I am taken over by a sense of peace. I am complete”
Next, clean your environment and your ritual ingredients while reciting “I am cleansing whatever that is around me. I let go of the heaviness. My surroundings are light. My surroundings are clean. It is secure and ready for everything new”.

Step 2

Lay out all the now cleansed ingredients in front of you and focus on aligning your body and mind. Do a little bit of deep breathing and meditate for around ten minutes.

Step 3

Once you feel settled in your body and mind, light the first candle, which is symbolic of all that is old. Now take a piece of paper and make six strips out of it.

Step 4

Now, on each piece of paper, you are to write down six different sentences, spontaneously, that describe the things you want to let go of. The fears, the negative energies, things you used to say and your struggles. Surrender to the universe through these sentences.

Step 5

Once you are done writing, take the papers one by one and recite them. You will then have to burn it in the candle flame and when it becomes impossible to hold, discard it into the bowl of water. This allows you a release into the universe and a brand new beginning.

Step 6

Once all the pieces are burnt, say “thank you” and put out the candle.

Step 7

Now it is time to light the second candle, that represents the new. This time you will need 8 pieces of paper.

Step 8

Write down your most spontaneous aspirations for the new you on each piece of paper. Whatever you want more of, whatever you want to believe in, and whatever you are grateful for.

Step 9

Repeat the process of reading each sentence aloud and burning it afterward. This process is symbolic and helps you put your wishes out into the universe.

Step 10

With the second candle burning, ask the universe out aloud to guide your soul as you surrender to it completely. Just say whatever you feel in that moment and do not overthink.

Step 11

Take three deep breaths to concretely conclude your work and let the candle burn as long as possible.

Step 12

Discard the water and papers on the earth to fully complete the whole ritual. You may light the second candle again to reactivate the new energy. May vitality be ushered in our lives with the New Moon.



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