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Watch This Horse Do An Incredibly Considerate Thing!

By Souls of Silver

There are a lot of stories about animals on the Internet everyday but I have a story that you definitely have never heard in your life.

What comes to your mind when I say horses?

Beautiful, intelligent creatures that run very fast, right?

While all of that is completely true, the story I am about to tell you will grant you an insight into how considerate and sensitive these animals are and what is more- you might even stop being scared of them anymore, if you are in the first place, that is.

The video features a young woman trying to get on a horse and then go riding but every time she tries to climb up, she fails pretty miserably and ends up exactly where she started.

The woman tries a lot of things, walks the horse for a while to get some rest and holds on pretty tightly but she just cannot climb up!

After a while, it is even a little pitiful to look at. It is just one of those things, wouldn’t you say? It looks easy but when it comes to actually doing it, things do not as planned.

As the woman keeps trying, in the end the horse itself realises that things will not move ahead if he does not do something!

To help the woman, the horse starts crouching and ultimately sits flatly on the ground to make sure she could finally get on top of him. Horses truly are beautiful animals aren’t they?

There is a lot that goes into horse riding but things would be pretty easy if all horses were like the one in this video, don’t you think?

Let us hope that other horses watch this video and start being nicer to humans!



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