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Lessons We Can Learn From The Life Of St. Patrick

By Souls of Silver

“Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be still. Be.” – St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day is always seen as the time for a crazy party where everything is green and everyone is drunk. But this year, let’s make the decision to learn more about this great man so that we can become find more meaning in life through him.

Most people know that St. Patrick brought Catholic beliefs to Ireland and was responsible for converting many people. However, we don’t know how extraordinary he truly was. Shockingly enough, even though he belonged to a family of Christians, he wasn’t very religious himself. But at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped and traded away as a slave. He would spend more than half of the next decade working as a shepherd in the Irish mountains.

On those lonely heights, amongst strange climes, St. Patrick began to communicate with God and soon he began to spend his time praying and contemplating on His mysteries. His faith grew strong and by some miracle, after six years he was able to escape and return to Britain. However, he could feel God calling him back to Ireland and so he returned to teach the Irish what he had learned. By doing this, he cemented his place in history. Here is what you can learn from him:

Living An Extraordinary Life

1. Our Nature Is To Be Free

In all the time that he was a slave, he never forgot that he was meant to be free. Even though St. Patrick was under the physical control of others, he still retained his true self. He allowed his mind to soar and found strength and tranquility through prayers. Even if you are going through hard times, remember that you control your destiny and that you only need to look harder to find other paths.

2. Find Strength Even In Difficulty

Being sold as a slave never prevented St. Patrick from finding his true purpose in life. That experience set alight the spark: he needed to go out and fulfill his destiny. Think about the obstacles you’re facing and you’ll realize that you can turn things around in a way that benefits you.

3. Never Give Up On Your Calling

Though he managed to escape his captors, St. Patrick did not refuse when he heard God calling him to return to Ireland. Even if you aren’t getting the same signs, listen to that quiet voice in the back of your mind. It tells you what you need to do. Reach for those things and you’ll find that you had it in you all along.

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4. Be Tolerant Always

In those days, the Irish did not see eye to eye with him but St. Patrick never tried to compel them into believing something they did not want. He found ways to combine their traditional beliefs with Catholicism. Look for the best in everyone around you so that you can create strong ties wherever you go. Respect everyone’s opinions and look for shared interests. Don’t let negativity get the better of you.

5. Nature Is All You Need

Even though he was a slave, St. Patrick was still able to find strength in the wild beauty of the Irish mountains. Whenever we’re going through hard times, we can look to Nature to find peace and comfort. Her healing power will recharge your soul. Take some time out from your busy schedule and spend a few quiet moments outside. Take in the beauty of this world.

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St. Patrick shows that even if you are going through hard times, you can always grow through it. All you need is a bit of faith in yourself.

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