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Equinox Of March: Accept Your Wounds And Grow Strong

By Souls of Silver

The Sun would be moving into Aries in March, thus marking the equinox on 20th– 21st March. Now, as we all know, the first zodiac sign is Aries, so this equinox would symbolize a complete turnover of everything that happened to you throughout the last year. So, get yourself prepared for a new year.

Since this equinox in March would be having different phenomena on different hemispheres, it is a given that it would lead to contrasting expressions and energy as it moves to and fro from one pole to the other. So, it is best that you look around you, and see if there are any clues for you to navigate this complexity.

Spring Time

The northern hemisphere would be experiencing Spring. It would lead to the growth of new things, ideas and energies. There will be a lot of vibrancy as the energies shifting towards the outside would make us want to express ourselves.

Spring, hence, can be called the perfect time to begin something new. Begin afresh without holding anything back.

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As we can probably guess by now, it is completely different down south. But sometimes, completely opposite can mean the same. It is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. And autumn is the time of ending, of death. This equinox, in a way, does teach us about the cycle of birth and death, which never end. They show us that for anything to grow, to begin, to be initiated, something has to end.

Contrary to spring, this period makes us introspective. We go deep within ourselves and seek answers within. Answers to the questions we have kept asking for so long. Simply put, it is time to reflect.

This is the time when you should never regret taking any decisions that you have already taken. Celebrate your achievements and the rewards that you have reaped from your struggles. Celebrate life. And move ahead. Try to develop something productive, and try to let go of anything that holds you down.

Theme Of This New Year

On a different note, every equinox buzzes with the energy of how the year is supposed to go. This equinox would buzz with the energy of the Libra Super Moon that will fall in Libra. Now, this super moon is interesting because it would ask us to seek a balance between the past and the present and between the now and the then.

Also, interestingly enough, Chiron would meet up with Sun this year. Now, Chiron, in the astrological world, is the wounded healer. But while it heals our wounds, we need to be careful not to simply treat them as wounds. These wounds would be our stepping stones on which will help in our personal development. These wounds would show us what we have been doing wrong and how to fix that. And this, will be the central theme of the whole year.

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This year should be devoted to finding a balance in our lives. While it might seem difficult, we can always try to look inside, push things to settle in their places and in the process, find harmony within.

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