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Find A Partner Who Can See Your Soul And Appreciate You For Who You Truly Are

By Souls of Silver

Love is not about rushing. You are supposed to take your own sweet time before you decide on the right one. Many will have the potential to be the best for us but it may not work out in the end. So it’s always better to wait and find the partner who sees you for who you really are. Someone who will appreciate you in your raw form can only be the best for you.

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If your partner does not appreciate the time they spend with you, what is the meaning of a relationship? The right one will love your flaws while encouraging you to constantly work on yourself. They will stick with you despite all your mistakes and help you learn from them. You have to understand the difference between the one who tries to change you to suit their needs and the one who encourages you to be a better version of yourself every day. Don’t change yourself just to tick someone else’s boxes. They bring nothing but negativity in your life.


The thing about the right partner is, irrespective of whether you are struggling or are successful, you will always find them beside you. They will be always cheering for you.  In the worst of days when you feel the burden of the world, they will remind you that they are here to share the burden.

The right partner will see and remind you of the good inside you when even you can’t see it. You’ll never have to doubt their intentions and you will always be at ease with them. The one who appreciates you for who you really are will be worth your time too. It will feel like a partnership where both work equally hard to keep the other happy and prospering. They won’t mind going the extra mile for you and it will create a similar effect in you as well.

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So don’t stop looking for them. They are out there, looking for you as well. You two are destined for a special bond that neither of you will be able to develop with anyone else. The right one will be your shoulder to cry on, the one to hold your hand, and the one who will fix your crown. You will always have each other’s support and the love will help you both grow.

If you don’t find such a partner, don’t waste your time with others. But when you do find them, you’ll be ready to dedicate yourself to them completely. Don’t stop till you find the love that you truly deserve.



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