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Are Your Deceased Loved Ones Trying To Assist You From The Land Beyond?

By Souls of Silver

Saying the permanent goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. Yet this is one thing we all have to do, sooner or later, and multiple times. The beauty of life lies in the fact that it is as amazing as it is tragic.

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But we must remember that while our loved ones have shed their bodies, their souls are still looking out for us. Love helps us bond with them. Here are 5 signs that prove your deceased loved ones are trying to assist you from beyond the grave:

Electronic disturbances

The energy of the soul of our loved ones tend to interfere with the electronics around us. It is often an attempt to gain our attention so stay alert!

Poltergeist activity

Not all spirits and ghosts are bad, especially not when they are your well-wishers. Although poltergeists are often tagged as troublesome, it could be someone who is looking out for you. If you notice such activity, see if it can any direct significance.

loved ones

Vivid dreams

Dreams are the most direct method for those in the other realm to contact us, humans. When we are asleep, the curtain between the realms of humans and spirits thins and it is easier for them to establish contact. Your deceased loved one may implant some questions or thoughts in your mind, especially when you have very vivid dreams. Journaling your dreams may help you discover clues later.

Hyperactive animals

Compared to humans, animals are way more in tune with Nature. This helps them detect every small change in energy and vibrations. Keep an eye out if you have a pet around.

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Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

This umbrella term includes a lot of significance but here we refer to how it helps us with new ideas we didn’t even know we had. This is the foresight our deceased loved ones throw our way so that we may be wiser.

Have you experienced any of these signs? Most of us have experienced a deceased loved one trying to reach out to us. If we are alert enough, we will be able to understand what they want to say.

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