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Significance of 29th February- The Leap Day And The Master Number 11

By Souls of Silver

2020 is a Leap Year which means that February has an extra day- the Leap Day. The 29th of February is a significant date since when we add the numbers 2 and 9 we get 11. Numerology believes that the master number 11 carries the highest spiritual vibrations. Number 11 throws light upon otherwise darker areas of life.

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Were you born on 29th? People born on this date carry with them the spirit of 11. What does the number 11 represent? It represents creativity, harmony, beauty and the ability to grasp things quickly. Thus, people born on 29th have all these innate talents. They are also attention lovers and are pretty sensitive to others’ emotions.

Leap Year

They have good leadership qualities like being diplomatic, kind and compassionate. Such people can also force others to do things when necessary, this makes them a good leader. If you’re born on the 29th of any month then you should serve and help others as it will bring you peace and prosperity.

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It is generally seen that these people get success in the latter part of their life. If you’re in your mid-20s or early-30s and aren’t able to succeed, then you should have patience. You should whole-heartedly concentrate on learning presently, the hard work will soon come to fruition. You may not be the most successful person in your friend circle currently, but after 10 years, you’ll be better off than most of them.

February 29th is even more significant because it occurs only once in 4 years. Its energy is highly enlightening and will show you your soul’s path if you look closely. You can also use this time to make deeper connections with other people. After all, it’s not every day that this day comes!

To best utilize this energy, you should start meditating. Your emotions need to be grounded before you can successfully use the energy of 11. Meditation helps you channel your chi (energy) in a good way.

Don’t let this Leap Day go waste, use it well.

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