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Toxic Positivity: How To Overcome The Negativity

Toxic positivity is the action when you try to act strong even though you are struggling with your feelings. 

You might find yourself in a situation when you are mentally lost and unsure about yourself. You will have the temptation to create a perception where you would compare yourself with your parents or family and think about how they would act if they were in your shoes.

The creation of high expectations will make you feel unsure of yourself and this will lead to an increase in your toxic positivity and form a closed loop.

Toxic Positivity

You will find yourself warped and trying to keep up with the false expectations that you set up yourself. It is further toxic when you keep saying that everything is fine, to yourself, even though it is not. The ability to ask for help is very important and you should find yourself the courage to ask for help when you need it the most.

Toxic Positivity: What Is It?

When you act emotionless or brush over the things that you are feeling when you are really struggling is known as toxic positivity.

It has the possibility to come up in wrong situations and you will fail to catch up with your reality and will lose your sense of feelings.

Toxic Positivity

You will get the tendency to brush off the negatives and fill them with positive thoughts. The only problem with this is that you will feel guilty when these negatives take over your emotions and you feel sadder than you should be. You will fail to look at the brighter things as the happy feelings require proper acknowledgment. You will get accustomed to the toxic positivity even without realizing it.

The sad feelings must be honored and you should take the initiative to teach others that it is perfectly fine to feel sad when you feel the same. 

You might find a situation when someone is talking about their negatives and you, instantly,  reply with an “ It will be okay. Think on the good side of things”. You should consider the fact that this person needs to feel the negative emotions to avoid a sense of toxic positivity. 

You should start teaching your children about such feelings as they should get accustomed to their real feelings in situations. It is completely natural for them to feel angry, sad, or disappointed. Teach them to honor their feelings while avoiding the reaction to brush over their feelings.

 Neuro-linguistic programming is a set of strong mindsets that can help you and your thoughts. It will help you acknowledge yourself and not brush over your feelings. It will keep the toxic positivity at bay.

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NLP Can Help To Fight Against False Expectations

Apply neuro-linguistic programming to help yourself in scenarios where you have acknowledged the way you feel. You need help to move through it is to ask yourself a better question.

The NLP will aid you to overcome toxic positivity and can be used in all spheres of life. 

Toxic Positivity

Keep asking better questions to yourself and do your best to reframe your thoughts. You also need to change the way you assign meanings to different things. 

You can be a better human being by being conscious of yourself and how you show yourself to the world. Avoid being a transmitter of toxic positivity as you will end up hurting yourself and all the people around you. Aim for a proper balance of bad and good emotions rather than doing nothing in terms of your thoughts. 



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