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Pain-body Healing: Meditate And Heal The Pain

Pain-body is the term given to the accumulation of emotional pain that people carry in them and it stays in their energies. It is a semi-autonomous entity and made up of negative emotions that we have not faced or accepted. These emotional residues keep a trail of emotional pain in their wake and these are stored in the cells of your body.


The pain-body can be considered to be an entity in existence and wants to survive in your mind, to suck on your energy. If you can identify such pains and choose to keep them in your body they will survive and thrive in your mind.

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Pain-body has an active and a dormant stage. When it is active, it looks for more pain to suck on. It can take over your mind and soul and can feed on your negative thoughts as well as the experiences like drama and trauma. The pain-body defines the addiction to sorrow or unhappiness. 

Clean And Heal The Pain-body

We carry the past in us even though we are not aware of it. It might be very painful for us to go through similar situations but it is not worth holding on to such negative memories.

The pain that you have experienced is not worth defending.


You need to commit to clean the pain-body and release all these painful memories. Free yourself from these unconscious things and do not inflict any more suffering on yourself. If you can do so, you will return to a state of inner peace, happiness, balance, and purpose.

You can turn your pain-body into a bliss-body by practicing a healing meditation that we will talk about below. Do not elongate the pain and avoid holding on to the old residues of old relationships. You have the choice to turn that pain into bliss. 

The Powerful Meditation To Change Your Body

The powerful UV healing meditation can heal and clean your pain-body. It will cure all the ancestral pain that you have been carrying and will allow you to replace such negative energy with something that will enrich your life and create a fresh new energy field. 

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Find a quiet place where there are no disturbances. This is the place where you will practice your meditations and exercises. You need to stay away from worldly disturbances to find that new positive energy. The next thing is to find a comfortable position where you can sit or lay down.


The posture is important as you need to be comfortable in order to relax your nerves and mind. Once you feel comfortable and prepared for the meditation start with your meditation schedule. 

You can write these thoughts down on a piece of paper or in a journal. 

You need to be ready and willing to take these small steps. These will clean and heal your pain-body and attain a state of mental ease, balance, and bliss. 



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