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These Signs Show That You Have Negative Energy In You

By Souls of Silver

The world is not always the way we want it to be. Sometimes, this problem leads to us harboring negativity inside us, and other times we might just find negativity from our environment. And this makes us worse.
If you are having the following symptoms, you might be retaining negative energy inside you:-

Headaches From Negative Energy

Yes, there are many reasons one may get headaches. But if you cannot figure it out, it might just be the negativity messing with your mind and aura and giving you constant headaches. If painkillers and lifestyle modifications do not help, the reason is crystal clear. In this case, some meditation might help.

Tension And Restlessness

When we have negative energy down to our bones and souls, we will find ourselves tensed up. We will find it difficult to relax and this may also lead to one not being able to be calm at all. Negativity causes humans to be stressed out all the time but also deters them from seeking a solution that will genuinely help their situation.

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Stomach Issues

Stomach issues are fairly common. This pain is generally attributed to the consumption of junk food, germs, etc., but our stomachs hold a lot of tension in our bodies. Since negativity often causes us to get tenses, it can also give us a stomach ache from time to time.

Being Physically Recoiled

This may happen in social situations when you want to branch out and mingle but the negativity is getting in the way. You don’t want to move around much.


In this gig economy, we are all working hard and we are often tired. But when the reason is negativity, the fatigue is because of adrenaline issues. When we overwork and are exhausted, it is our adrenaline that keeps us going. But when we store negativity inside of us, even our adrenaline cannot help us as much.

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Breathing Issues

If you do not have illnesses like asthma already, a sudden increase in breathing difficulties should be looked into. This problem can be attributed to the negative energy we have been holding in that sits in our lungs. It makes it harder for us to do something as easy as breathing.

Pain From Negative Energy

Again, pain in different parts of our bodies can be caused by the accumulation of negative energy in our bodies.

Symptoms Of Depression

Negativity can affect our mental health gravely and might lead us to show signs of serious mental illnesses like depression. A few of the symptoms are sleeplessness, sudden loss of appetite, feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and so on.

effects of negative energy

Feeling Meh

If you feel no excitement for the things that you used to love, you know what to blame. Negativity in your aura will make you feel down and completely uninterested in most things.

Perennial Exhaustion

You barely have the energy for anything. In fact, you feel tired even if you lay in bed all day. Talking with people is exhausting too.

Negative energy trapped inside of us is never a good sign. It is always best to clear up our negative energy and be free and wholesome.

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