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These Crowns Are Perfect for The Mermaid In You

By Souls of Silver

It is quite popular for brides to wear nature-based floral headpieces for that one special day in their lives or social gatherings.

Floral headdress is the new hot fashion trend. It is nowhere as harmful to our environment as the plastic counterparts. and on top of that, it is made of natural materials only.

Coming to the main matter at hand, Chelsea Shiels, an artist, has brought this new and very sustainable sensation to us in a beautiful form. She creates seashell-encrusted head ornaments that are inspired by the mystical beings: mermaids!

The mermaid crowns that she makes can certainly make one feel like a princess of the sea. They are made using conch shells, gold accents, and crystals.

Shiels clearly has a thing for this. She quite masterfully mixes the shells that she finds to create these modern bohemian pieces of art. The motivation behind her art is her childhood memory of always wanting to cover up a scar on her forehead ever since she was an infant.

Her Instagram blog also revealed that she used to make her own hair ornaments when she did not find any that she liked. She was teased due to her appearance and this became her defense mechanism.

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All of these made Shiels embark on this journey of making mermaid crowns. Ever since she has started making the mermaid headdresses, her fame and recognition have soared like never before. In fact, they are the highest-selling things that she makes.

She also admits that she was very skeptical of making headdresses using shells, but it seems to have worked out pretty well for her. Here are some of her creations: –

1. Oh lord! The colors and the third eye are just beautiful! This creation has such marvelous symmetry. Achingly beautiful, isn’t it?

2. Decked out in what is considered the purest color, white, this crown exudes calmness and grace.

3. This eclectic mix of colors is absolutely stunning! One would think that the interplay of so many colors might be a little too much, but this one just makes sense.

4. One of the simpler works, this tiara is a lot more subtle and rather elegant.

5. Ah! The beautiful interplay of black and white truly come together to make this yet another masterpiece.

6. We cannot help but be reminded of ice-cream cones with this one. We’re sure that we’re not alone on this- or are we?

7. The textures and colors really pop out on this crown. Who would have thought green could look so interesting?

8. This one looks like something Poseidon himself would be rather proud to wear.

9. The pink, the blue, the gold, oh my heart! This is just breathtaking.

10. This is also something we feel the Queen of the Seas would be proud to call her own.

11. Having come across so many regal ones, this one certainly seems rather menacing. Does it not? Ursula would flaunt this with all the villainous swag that she has. Dang!

12. Having thought of the God of the Sea and the Queen of the Sea, the next one is obviously the princess mermaid. Not to sound clichéd but who would disagree that this is suitable for a sea princess?

13. Moonshine, oh moonshine, I wish I could hold onto you forever. Well, maybe you can, with this crown.

14. Angelic and pure, a touch of shimmer adds little spunk. The radiance of white shells, just sublime!

15. Maybe the mermaid that will wear this, likes to make her own artwork, and create DIY crafts. This one exudes boho-chic vibes!

Which of these would you like to flaunt? We sure would love all of them!

Credit: Chelsea Shiels: Website | Instagram | Etsy | Facebook

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