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The Power Of Procrastination & How To Get Rid Of It

There are certainly going to be some days when we get into the trap to procrastination, we refuse to follow our diet plan, we skip our workout, or we also refuse to work toward our visions.

Every one of us has days when we said that we would do something, and in the end, we don’t do it. But, even when we consider one whole day as a failure, we should encourage ourselves and keep working toward our goals as possible as we can.

With every new day, there is a new and fresh start, and even new opportunities giving us the ability to do things. When we are prepared to make some changes in our life, we also need to be prepared to accept failures and keep going except spending our day procrastinating. We sometimes probably had one or two bad days, but we should not let them become three. We have to start properly using our time, right now.

When we cannot get the things done right now, the easiest thing we do is make an excuse. We say to ourselves that we are going to get them to tone tomorrow, or we may wait for Monday to come once again. But, when we are completely clear in our vision, we will not wait for Monday to come. We are going to begin as earlier as we can.

There were probably times in the lives of every one of us during which nothing was going as we wanted or planned, but we never really waited for Monday to come in order to start from the beginning. We always hoped that tomorrow would be another better chance, and we were looking ahead to every new day. 

What are our visions?

For example, we may wish to travel around the world with our partner, or get in perfect shape, or even help our family when they have financial problems.

No matter of our plans, we should think of those people we are failing when we delay such goals, waiting for the coming of the next Monday. Is it our family, our spouse, or perhaps ourselves? We have to realize that as soon as we take action, we will accomplish our goals earlier.

Regardless of what those goals are, we should start today and move toward our visions. It can sometimes be small like exercising for 10 to 15 minutes, writing something, promoting our business for one hour or more, or even saving about $10 for our summer holiday. We have to remember that success is not going to come on its own. We need to make success happen.

What distracts us?

For example, when we get stuck on Fridays, we have to think for a moment about what happened wrong. Maybe we will have to prioritize our activities and begin the following day with our most significant task instead of procrastinating. We should get up early in the morning, and do that task.

One important thing is always to be honest with ourselves and even accept when we were devoting our time to something that distracted us. Such things can be negative thoughts, procrastination or fast food, or something that does not serve our vision anymore. We have to drop such things now and keep going.

We have to treat every single day like Monday, so the results will start appearing. What separates successful people from the others is their way of managing their time. Regardless of our solution, we always have the ability to rewrite our plans and change our story. For this purpose, we will only need the appropriate mindset; everything else is going to take care of itself.

This article was originally published by Conscious Reminder and has been republished here by kind permission.

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