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Karmic Debt Numbers: Indicating Mistakes In The Past

We have different core numbers in our charts and some of us even have karmic debt numbers. The meaning behind these numbers is related to the trials that keep showing up in our lives. These are there to teach us valuable lessons.

The karmic debt numbers refer to a spiritual cause and effect that can span over lifetimes. Our souls carry wisdom and burdens from past instances and these conditions are clarified to us with karmic numbers.

A karmic debt can be something that occurred in a past life and now you are left to make amends. You need to understand the karmic debt and settle it in this lifetime. This will break old cycles and you will stop making the same mistakes again. You will gain freedom and wisdom in your life.

Everyone can not have a karmic debt number. It is quite common and you should not be afraid of such. We will talk about the meaning of such numbers and how you can use them.

Meaning Of Karmic Debt Numbers: 13, 14, 16 and 19

Karmic Debt Number 13: This is about your past abuses of morals for materialistic gains. This debt signifies that you will have to work harder to gain success in your career. People with such a number will run into roadblocks when they aim for their personal goals. They can overcome this by avoiding shortcuts and putting in more effort.

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Karmic Debt Number 14: This karmic debt number shows that you had abused your freedom in the past. With this debt, it is important to strengthen the positive traits of being a free person while maintaining boundaries. This is also related to escapism and makes it important to maintain self-control.

Karmic Debt Number 16: This number is related to transgressions in your past with relation to love. This can manifest if you get your heart broken in a repetitive cycle. Always commit to honesty and loyalty and address the toxic relationships.

Karmic Debt Number 19: Karmic debt number 19 is related to the abuse of power. People with such karmic debt must learn lessons on independence. They need to support themselves in life’s struggles. It is important to not be stubborn when you have this number.

How Can You Pay Off Your Karmic Debts?

Karmic Debt Numbers

The idea of past life karma is quite intimidating and no one wants to get punished for some mysterious past. Like all natural debts, karmic debts can also be settled. 

Most people freak out when they realize that they have karmic debts but it is actually not a big deal. Once you find out your karmic debts you can start settling them.

These debts can be used to help us grow from limiting behavior and struggles. The karmic debt number can manifest if you keep grappling with the same challenges throughout your life. If you ignore your debts, they will act as blockages and stop you from reaching your potential.

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You need to acknowledge them and learn the lessons that it is meant to teach.

It can take you a lifetime to move away from your debts but most people can resolve them when they are young. 

 It is helpful to lean into the positive qualities of a karmic debt number that corresponds to your life path number. You can find it by adding the 2 digits of your karmic debt number until they are equal to a single-digit life path number. This is counter the negative effects.



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