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Deep Listening And How To Face Your Emotions At Times

By Souls of Silver

Today, we will share the positives of deep listening and it will answer many of your questions.

Have you ever felt like crawling into a deep hole instead of waking up from your sleep?

Have you ever carried dark and dull sensations with yourself for weeks on end?

We have all been there and tried our best to overcome it. Deep listening has benefitted me to overcome all these fears.

Deep Listening: What Is It?

deep listening

This is the art of facing your emotions and feelings.

We tend to flee from uncomfortable situations. This feels natural to us.
Our fears get scarier and larger once we start numbing or avoiding our obstacles. 

We should look towards our sufferings with a gentle and curious mind and gain the relief that we were aspiring for.

Deep listening is not a new term but an old one. Australian people were one of the old tribes that followed such practice.

Do Not Dump Your Emotions

We need to absorb our emotions.

Emotions should not be stored away at the back of your head but they should be felt.

Emotion was derived from a French word that means “excite”. The recent definition of emotion talks about our energies in motion. 

deep listening

When we let this energy flow through our system, it feels natural but we are told to do the opposite. Our cultures and our religions condition us to hide our emotions. We are made to believe that “anger” is a bad emotion and should be avoided.

When we cry, we are said to be “dramatic” or “weak”. 

Some cultures feel that it is “inappropriate” to express excitement or joy. 

When we stuff away these emotions, it forms a part of ourselves and increases our soul loss.

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Deep Listening: How Do I Practice It?

1: Heart-Gut Center

In the next situation which makes you feel overwhelmed, find a quiet place. Place your palm on your heart and your gut and stay still.

You can feel extremely emotional while practicing this. You can resurrect the feelings that you buried inside yourself.

After you are done with the exercise, drink water or eat something to fill up your gut.

2: Listen To Minute Sounds

deep listening

Deep listening is formed from mediation.
Close your eyes and listen to the minutest sound that your ears can catch. It can be a bird chirping, some vehicles in the distance, or even your breath. 

You will increase the field of your awareness by deep listening. 

You can try pairing this with the previous exercise.

3: Consciousness Writing With Deep Listening

If you feel depressed or overburdened, write.
Writing will release your inner creativity and clarity.

deep listening

Get a piece of paper and set a timer for yourself. (10 minutes if you can)
Keep writing till the timer runs out. Do not worry about grammar or making edits on the piece. 

Just write all your feelings out.

Such practices feel uncomfortable in the beginning but we can get used to them and feel more alive and connected.

The Conclusion

We are mere humans and can not bury away things that live inside us. We tend to cause further illnesses when we repress or avoid these emotions.

Our bodies are just like a galaxy. We keep expanding and create planets and solar systems whilst we are on it. 

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When we suppress such emotions, we tend to create a black hole in our lives and we keep walking around with a dead galaxy inside us with complete darkness.



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