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Ayurveda Chakra Connection: The Healing Energy

We can heal our minds, body types, and our physical imbalances with the help of Ayurveda. The Ayurveda Chakra Connection is considered to be ancient wisdom imparted to us by the old sages. We can adjust our diet, lifestyles, exercise routine, and such with the help of this knowledge. 

The Ayurveda Chakra Connection: In Brief

We can observe 5 elements in the environment: Water, Fire, Earth, Ether, and Air. The Ayurveda Chakra Connection states that these elements live inside our bodies, too. The Ayurveda Chakra Connection was devised by the Indians. It came after the emergence of Ayurveda, itself. 

ayurveda chakra connection

The combination of the elements makes our body, mind, and soul, unique. We can call these- our dosha. 

We might have more water and earth, known as a Kapha. Some can have more fire along with water, known as a Pitta. The rest can have more ether and air, known as a Vata. 

When we have these doshas in excess we can undergo diseases and imbalances in our bodies. We must bring out the opposite elements to heal this overflow and create a balance. 

We can feel stuck or lazy if we have more earth and water. This is known as Kapha imbalance. It requires an excess of fire to charr the lethargy and brings out our creativity again.

We can get the feeling of being judgemental when we have too much of pitta imbalance or fire. It requires a splash of water to soothe our nerves.

We can feel dried up or constipated when we have an excess of air and ether, that is the Vata imbalance. It requires some earth to bring us back to the ground.

The Ayurveda Chakra Connection has a relation to different elements. It is our job to choose what element we require and focus on healing it.

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The Different Elements Of Ayurveda Chakra Connection

 Earth Element

You should cultivate the root chakra’s earth element to bring yourself a stable ground. It is due to an excess of ether and air or a Vata imbalance.

Rituals To Follow:  

You can try a dinacharya in your morning routine. The most popular morning routines are tongue scraping and Vedic meditation. 

Water Element

You should cultivate the sacral chakra’s water element to soothe your nerves when you have an excess of air, ether, and fire or Vata/Pitta imbalance. 

Rituals To Follow:

You should try Abhyanga to massage oil over your body. It will cleanse your body as it is extremely nourishing.

Fire Element

You should cultivate the solar plexus’ fire element to get inspired in your life when you have an excess of ether, air, earth, and water or Vata/Kapha imbalance.

Rituals To Follow:

You should try sipping Ayurvedic Tea to strike fire in your system. 

Air Element

You should cultivate the heart chakra’s air element to bring freedom into your life when you have an excess of water or earth or a Kapha imbalance. 

Rituals To Follow:

You should try dry brushing to stimulate your circulation and to clean your lymph systems. 

Ether Element

You should cultivate the throat and third-eye chakra’s ether element to bring about interconnectedness and creativity when you have an excess of water and earth or a Kapha imbalance in your system.

ayurveda chakra connection

Rituals To Follow: 

You can open up your mind by practicing meditation daily. It will help you connect to the source and be a constant reminder of your potential.

ayurveda chakra connection

All these daily practices will alter your life and can bring about true evolution. The Ayurveda Chakra Connections will shower you with awareness. The elements of nature will heal your mind, body, and soul completely. The wisdom is eternal and unfathomable. You will see yourself healing and turning into a beautiful lotus!!



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