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Childhood Trauma: Effects And Ways To Overcome It!

By Souls Of Silver

There is no person in this world whose days of childhood have always been sunshine and rainbows. Everyone has been through tough times, but its force depends from person to person. These problems are often ingrained in such lives. Hence, it becomes a companion as one enters adulthood. Childhood trauma comes from here.

One often faces problems related to their childhood trauma, but it is mostly unknown. Everyone isn’t aware that the tough times one goes through, as an adult, can date back to the trauma they faced as kids. Therefore, the past often triggers a person’s reactions. Hence, the nature of it, unfortunately, is such that the more one denies its existence, the deeper its hold gets. 

The first step to overcome childhood trauma is to accept that it exists. The common thought process about the problem is that only a huge loss has such an effect on the sufferer. However, this is not the case. Sometimes it takes a trivial incident to cause you to carry it on your life ahead.

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How To Deal With Childhood Trauma?

Here are some tips that will soothe your journey with childhood trauma

1: One must uncover the root of the childhood trauma. To uproot it, one must first recognize it

2: Open up because keeping things to oneself only makes it worse.

3: Feel every feeling, but do not try to fight the unpleasant feelings.

4: Do not hesitate to cut off people who are responsible for it.

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However, like there are two sides of a coin, childhood trauma, if viewed from a proper perspective, can be used to one’s advantage as well. This is what the process of healing is all about.

Many people will respond to the healing process differently. Like the trauma one has been through as a child, hits differently in people, the healing too shall work in the same manner.



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