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Spiritual Journey: 7 Illuminating Stages To Begin Your Spiritual Journey

By Souls Of Silver

Our spiritual journey is perhaps the most profound one we undertake in our lives. Our greatest gift in life is our souls. And we always protect them, not knowing it, yet we guard it. But we all are slaves at this point. We surrender ourselves to the 9-5 dynamic of corporate life. Then, we resume our cliched existence and survive in distractions. 

The modern world forces us to resign into these traits of life. Hence, there is minimalist faith in our lives and generation. That also leads to avoiding the emptiness of our life but then filling it with more empty emotions. We often are then haunted endlessly by all the shallowest things in our relationships. Then there come the neurotic problems with the loneliness we fail to prevail against. 

We all hold something mysterious and big inside our beings. But it becomes very easy for us when we feel more meaningless as we are part of society’s machine. We are slaves of the world. However, that is not naturally true. We are way more than just that. All of us have the talent to make mystical, meaningful life that is meaningful. There is a way we can find our right path and set our own destiny. 

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spiritual journey

The History Of Spiritual Journey

For several years, our indigenous people from the entire globe have explored this path. They know that everyone has to get on with a spiritual journey. This land to be explored and understood is within oneself. In many different cultures, mostly the ancient ones, there were Shamans, the Elders of their tribes. They would oversee the journeys taken deep within the spiritual reality. In our new culture of daily life, we have lost touch with such sacred rituals. 

What has happened is that all these spiritualities have been replaced with Gods. These Gods are, more or less, are theoretical. This dismisses all these personal experimentations with the Divine energy. 

What Is A Spiritual Journey?

The best way to describe a spiritual journey is a “quest” from the within. It is taken to connect ourselves with our souls, that we have been ignoring for a while. This also helps us find the authentic purpose of our life but also embodies the true nature of ourselves. It is all about coming back to our Being’s Center. But what is this Center? It is often the path that is walked by Shamans, Mystic, or Sages. 

But times have changed. We live in an era where we are all disconnected. We all go through the pain of the loss of our soul. Hence, this spiritual journey has now been accessible for all people. In fact, this seems to be our lasting and deepest longing. Perhaps our species’s highest calling. 

12 Signs Of Your Calling

There have been several times when one has felt the call to something greater. This has been happening since the start of time. The cultures of the ancient have several stories as such. These stories show these journeys taking place and the experiences. Its purpose is the gaining of Wholeness. Such an experience occurs at least once in a life. They also call it “A Call To Adventure.” 

These 12 signs show your calling:

  1. Your life feels lost.
  2. There is a yearning for “home” or a specific space that feels as such.
  3. You keep thinking about the purpose or meaning of your life.
  4. You have a feeling that there is a bigger destiny than you are on. It is often not revealed yet. 
  5. One may feel as if life has more of a meaning than what one sees or experiences. 
  6. You began seeing several signs or omens. 
  7. You are having a change for the good by letting go of the old self. But you have no idea who you are, honestly. 
  8. One may feel nostalgic for something or have a yearning for a thing one is not sure about. 
  9. You have faced depression, blues, or are facing a midlife crisis. 
  10. You are fragile or are more sensitive than others.
  11. Your values over time now feel meaningless.
  12. You feel as if you are falling because someone has pulled off the rug beneath your feet. 

3 Worlds Of Spiritual A Journey

A spiritual journey begins with a sudden aspiration or spiritual awakening. We are often not aware, or not wanting, but are put on this path. To expand our soul. One can also find oneself lost or even confused in this way. Hence, it is needed to trace the whole journey in a sense that helps humans and their minds know its place and where it has to lead further. 

The Andean Ancestry often has spoken of 3 worlds of such experiences. These are the Lower, Middle, and Upper World. Hanaq Pacha, Kay Pacha, Ukhu Pacha are their three other names. Several mythologies and traditions these worlds converse with the separate realms of self. The Under or Lower World is home of the souls. The Middle World acts as home to humans, ego, and physicality. The Upper World homes all the spirits. 

Every realm has its purpose. And various practices can help us mature spiritually & rediscover wholeness, joy, and peace. 


5 Phases Of The Journey

The process of spirituality is more of a cycle. His energy is always there, and the dances only deepen it, enrich it. Hence, we have listed the 5 phases below:

  1. Soul Searching: It is further divided into two more called Spiritual calling and Resisting the Path.
  2. Awakening And Learning: This is again divided into 2 parts. It includes Finding Guidance and Starting The Journey. 
  3. Death And Demons: This as well is divided into two sections. Those are Turning Inwards & Facing The Darkness. 
  4. Rebirth And Reward: The following two parts are elements of this– Illumination and Traps and Pitfalls.
  5. Sharing & Illumination: The phase is again divided further into two- Rebirth and Integration.

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7 Steps To Begin Your Spiritual Journey

All the spiritual journey ongoing is ever-changing as well as unique. There is no such point then this can stop. The transformation begins and always goes on. But what happens then to things that stop as such? They die, eventually. There is lethargy. Rotting, and then it comes to an end. Hence, beginning this spiritual journey is more crucial than anything when it comes to living a rich and profound life.

Here are 7 Steps To Start Your Spiritual Journey:

  1. Go on gently and at a pace that suits you. 
  2. Find your purpose, but make your journey your target.
  3. Pay closer attention to the tools, practices as well as philosophies. 
  4. Dive deeper to evolve and transform.
  5. There could be many spiritual sharks out in the open. Always beware of them. The world is full of snakes looking for people like you to use you for their gain. 
  6. Record and note everything that you have experienced and learned. 
  7. Integrate your spirituality and embody it. But know and remember that all of this is a slow process. Let it take its time. It will happen organically. 

But remember, none of this spiritual journey will always be healthy. There has to be some kind of psychological healing. And then, the mystical energy of spirits and souls will surround you with itself. 



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