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Zen Sayings And Their Impact On Our Life

By Souls of Silver

Zen is synonymous with our inner peace and calmness. In the turbulent course of our life, Zen sayings help us to maintain our integrity and inner peace. It is interesting to know that Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist was deeply influenced by Zen philosophy. Bruce Lee’s famous book ‘Tao of Jeet Kune Do’ gives us an insight into Lee’s discipline, composure, and philosophy of life. The book is inspired by Zen sayings and their healing impact on our life.

Zen cannot be analyzed or expressed through words, it is a path that leads us towards our inner truth. Our soul holds so many secrets as it is the ultimate truth of life itself. Zen philosophy introduces and unites us with that ultimate truth of ourselves. Following the way of Zen can make us free from the troubles and pain of life and can help us to recognize our inner light.

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What Are Zen Sayings?

Zen sayings are not just some ideas or beliefs but they are the ubiquitous wisdom that can enlighten us. They come with amazing insights that can help us see the omnipresent light of truth everywhere around and inside us. The Zen quotes do not invoke us to follow a particular way of belief. It does not label us with any particular faith. Rather, it gives us wisdom that we can follow in our daily life. It gives us the freedom to be whatever we already are but guides us to a better self so that we can find the peace and joy of living.

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There are many beautiful Zen sayings by great philosophers like Thich Nhat Hanh, Maezumi Roshi, Huang Po, etc. According to Huang Po, there is nothing certain in our life. We cannot even be sure of taking another breath throughout the course of our life. Another beautiful quote by Maezumi Roshi says, this life is nothing but practice and realization of this brings value to our life. Life reveals itself here and in this moment.

While the 21st century is continuously pushing us towards the vigorous fast-moving lifestyle, the Zen sayings help us to connect again with ourselves 



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