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Heartache: How To Cope-Up If You Are Suffering From This

It is not easy if you are going through heartache. You will feel devastated and heartbroken with the loss that comes along with deaths or breakups. It might not be easy but there are some positives to having heartache. We have certain tips that will help you cope with it and end up in one piece.

How Does A Heartache Feel Like?

When you hear the word “heartache”, you start thinking about romantic relationships. Heartache does not have to be romantic and the people will know, who have lost their loved ones. Losses of any kind can bring up these negative emotions.

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You, as a human being, are wired for relationships and have strong connections with others, in order to survive. This is the reason why we feel devastated when we lose someone close or even a loved one.


You will feel validated by the person with who you are emotionally close and even more if you are partnered with them for a long time. You start considering them in your future and your sense of self comes from how you relate to the other.

Everything goes away when it ends and it makes you disoriented. The future that you had imagined with the person is completely destroyed.

This upheaval brings up, loads of emotions and can cause physical symptoms as well. You can become essentially addicted to love and even go through withdrawals after breaking up.

Researchers have found that a broken heart is a real thing. It is a type of heart condition which occurs amidst intense emotional stress.

How Can You Get Through It?

1: Go Through The Grieving Process

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to suppress or avoid feeling the tough emotions that come after a breakup or a loss. You should not shame yourself for feeling low. You need to pull yourself up from the mud and get over the tough situation.

Avoid moving on too quickly as you could avoid the normal grieving process. It will show itself up in some other form, way down the road.

2: Give Yourself Some Grace

It is important to be kind to yourself in these tough times. You need to have compassion for yourself. You should avoid consoling people who have lost their loved ones and also to yourself. Indulge yourself in self-talk as it can help you feel the sadness and experience the loneliness.

3: Lean On Your Support System During A Heartache

If you have experienced the loss of a close one, look for your friends and close ones. They are there to support you in these dark times.

It is very important to lean on your community. They will help you not to isolate yourself and act as a strong support system when you require it.

4: Foster Healthy Routines

It might be quite challenging for you to take care of basic necessities when you are going through heartache. This is exactly when you should implement such healthy habits. These habits will make a huge difference in your life. You need to focus on things like exercise, eating a proper diet, and planning enjoyable activities.

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You should stay grounded with the world and should never go down the way of unhappiness. 

Once you surround yourself with healthy habits, you will be able to deal with the things that are happening in your life.

Whether you have lost a close one or are dealing with a breakup, heartache feels really tough. Keep it in your mind that such things do not remain forever. It takes time and patience to come out to the other side and you will feel like you have grown as a person.



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