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The Lionsgate Portal Opens This Blood Moon- Are You Ready For A New Beginning?

By Souls of Silver

This July was a month of great astronomic significance for us, the beings on earth. We had the partial solar eclipse on 13th July and the lunar eclipse is already upon us. 27th July this year, we have witnessed the longest eclipse of the century as the Moon comes nearest to the Earth.

When the Moon Appears Red

The phenomena you will get to watch as a result is quite special, for you will not lose sight of the Moon. It will appear blood red instead.

So, if you are not in the Americas, do not forget to tune in your telescopes for this unique visual treat. People in South-Eastern Europe can rejoice; they are supposed to get the best views, according to astronomers.

The fact that the magnetic field of the Moon comes so close to the Earth means that the chances of calamities like earthquakes go up.

Time to Heal your Soul

If you are a spiritual seeker, the time between the two eclipses is immensely auspicious for you. You might want to make use of this opportunity to introspect. Connect with nature more deeply for the universe is undergoing great energy shifts.

It is the best moment to dig deep into your soul and bring to the fore your darkest fears. Face your emotions and energy blockages from the unconscious and resolve them. This is the hour of awakening; therefore heal your inner scars and bring your soul in tune with a higher vibration.

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A New Spiral Begins

It is not the series of eclipses alone which makes this period significant for spiritual rebirth. The New Galactic year, with its duration of 13 months with 28 days each, begins on July 26, as Sirius, the brightest constellation in our firmament comes in alignment with the Sun.

The galactic year marks the beginning of a new wave of creation by the Earth, called time spiral. This spiral, born at the cosmic hour when the Sun and Sirius are in alignment, is in tune with the “Hunab Ku”.

The Lionsgate is Unlocked

The Hunab Ku or the Great Central Sun, which many believe to be the Star God Sirius himself, as per the galactic calendar, serves as the epicentre of cosmic wisdom or the celestial light of consciousness. It is at this auspicious moment marked by the heliacal position of the Sirius, that the Lionsgate Portal is unlocked.

The Earth consequently undergoes massive energy shifts. The closeness to the magnetic field of Sirius leaves the Earth open to greater spiritual radiations. As the Lionsgate opens on 26 July, these spiritual rays or “Lion Codes” are released into the matrix of the Earth and they enter our auras as well.

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These Lion Codes engender new possibilities for altering your state of consciousness. These codes bring purity and boost the creativity of your soul. Connecting your spirit with the cosmos has never been easier.

The Timeless Day

July 25th is no less significant, as it is the “timeless day” when the Earth prepares to enter an entirely new time dimension. It is the day to reassess and cleanse your aura.

Tap into the creativity and integrity of your soul. Generate new thoughts and intentions and trust the universe to manifest them in course of the new galactic year.

If you are desperate to rewire your life, get in touch with your soul and start over, your time starts now.



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