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10 Secret Messages From A Channelling Spirit

By Souls of Silver

Esther Hicks, a famous spiritual author has the unique ability to communicate with higher organisms that she has named Abraham. She is a channeling spirit.

She describes Abraham as a “group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” that uses Esther as a medium of communicating and delivering messages from the other realm.

Esther has been actively talking about her abilities in her books, interviews, thereby delivering the messages from Abraham. When she is in communication with Abraham, there is a slight voice alteration and some hand movements.

Esther doesn’t really practice channeling with spirits in the conventional way, she just allow herself to draw on from the Source Energy.

Let’s take a look at 10 inspiring messages conveyed by Abraham through Esther:

1.) You’re a manifestation of the Source Energy

The channeling spirit says that you need to learn that you have the seeds of enlightenment already planted in yourself. You need to harness that energy from within you and realize your true potential. You carry within yourself the capacity to turn Earth into heaven.

2.) It was your own choice

Earth as a home was chosen by you. Your physical form, your birthplace, your whole life was already known to you. You just need to spread positivity and love and make earth a better place.

3.) Your entire purpose is to strive towards happiness

The channeling spirit said that you were born on this earth to fully fathom what pure joy felt like. But you cannot confine yourself to feel only joy, other emotions are important. But your priority should be to look for happiness in everything that you do. Happiness and joy help you grow as a human being and steer others down that path as well, says the channeling spirit.

4.) You Craft using your Thoughts

Your attention is of utmost importance in your life. Wherever you choose to direct your attention, it enters your life. So choose carefully. Look deep within yourself and try to listen to your inner voice before giving attention to something. This is going to shape your entire life.

5.) Imaginations can materialise

If you direct all your energy into wanting something, you are actually releasing signals into the universe. The universe then tries with all its might to materialize your thoughts into reality. If your energy is strong then your thoughts will manifest themselves in lesser time. It happens due to the Law of Attraction which is categorized as one of the basic laws of our Universe.

6.) Your intentions are aided by the Universe

The world acknowledges your existence and is constantly sending you sacred signs and messages. You need to be able to identify them and remind yourself of the universe’s support. The Universe is always with you, guiding you, backing you up through your life experiences, says the channeling spirit.

7.) Know your emotions

Our inner voice keeps on signaling us by intuitive emotions. There are many times we do not feel good about a particular decision or incident, we need to pay heed to our emotions and back off at the right moment.

8.) Relaxing is in Your Nature

You are naturally capable of relaxing so taking stress is harmful for you. Things will sort themselves in their own time, always. You just need to concentrate on directing your energy towards the positive things in life that help you keep calm. Search for happiness and joy and relax.

9.) Everyone has a distinctive road ahead

Each one of us is on a unique journey. Stop interfering and hindering other people’s business, their purpose is different from yours. Comparing yourself with them puts unnecessary strain on you. You are your own master, choose yourself and face the consequences yourself. Happiness, motivation, enthusiasm can be discovered in so many ways. It is limitless.

10.) Death is only physical

Your physical form’s death doesn’t qualify as your death. You exist outside your body, in a non-physical shape. Immortality is real and you are a part of the immortal state. Your soul, your non-physical form continue to live forever, death is merely the end of one physical form in your life.




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