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This Is How I Knew That My Crown Chakra Was Opening

By Souls of Silver

Crown Chakra is considered to be the most important Chakra in the body. Located just above the head, this Chakra is beneficial in maintaining the life balance, that is, it revitalizes all the other Chakras. It is attuned to the color violet.

It must be mentioned that the awakening of a Crown Chakra leads to several changes in a body. These changes might be lasting, or might not. What is ascertained, is that there will be changes.


You could be dealing with headaches, and body pains when your Crown Chakra is awakened. This makes one realize that the body is undergoing several new horizons, due to which the body is changing. We have to understand that the body, and the mind were used to thinking in a certain way, and this completely changes that. To get used to that, one needs to deal with this pain. For this too, shall pass.


You seek solitude. This is only natural. For, when you are evolving as a human, you would see the need to be with your own thoughts, for they would determine who you are as an individual. This results in you spending more time with yourself, rather than with others.


The Crown Chakra Awakening affects one’s appetite. What is important is to note if it adversely affects you or not. For, it so drastically changes the routine, that food items which you savored previously, you can’t stand its smell. Also, it could mean that you crave more food. In the most extreme of situations, it has been seen that vegans have turned to non-veg, and vice versa.


There is going to be a change in one’s sleeping patterns. You will finally have a good night’s sleep, without any problem. This change will benefit you, just like the rest. Your sleeping pattern is necessary for your proper functioning, and the awakening of this Chakra would help you.

Are you going through these? It could mean an ailment. If you aren’t sure, visit a doctor.



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