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Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected During This Venus Retrograde

By Souls of Silver

Before we get into the intricacies of this, we need to first understand what a ‘retrograde’ is. Simply put, it is the movement of a planet, usually smaller than Earth, which seems to be backward in motion. To put it even more clearly, in the space-time continuum of things, they appear to be going anti-clockwise, if they were supposed to go clockwise, and vice versa.

Now, from the 5th of October, to the 16th of November, Venus would be in retrograde, which would affect the zodiac signs Scorpio, and Libra. While its effect on Libra wouldn’t be much, it would put a lot of things in haywire, when it comes to Scorpio. Let’s see how.

When a retrograde takes place, it puts everything in the ruling planet, or everything the ruling planet is known for, into a frenzy. Putting that equation here, Venus is the ruler of love, and attraction. Do we see where this leads to?

What is interesting, but sad in this context, is that any celestial, astrological activity, always influences the constellation it finds itself in. So, if retrograde occurred in Aries, it would affect the zodiac in a completely different manner than Aries is known for. Unfortunately, Venus’ retrograde with Scorpio brings forth a lot of unpredictable, and unsolvable problems.

“Scorpio is the obsessive one, always trying to dominate, plot, manipulate, seduce and blackmail”. Now combine that with Venus, which is the ruler of love, and attraction, and we find ourselves in a fix.

Any relationship with Scorpio as a partner would be in for hard times, as everything would be aggravated, and irritated to another degree. With Jupiter’s influence over Scorpio in this period too, we would be forced to think of things, and owing to its just nature, forced to make a decision we wouldn’t like.

The most ironical point in this, is the notion of sex. Scorpios are known for being intimate lovers. But, in this period, Scorpios would go back to their exes, in the bid for one last booty call. This would be toxic, and if you find yourself looking at their number, DELETE IT.

With this, we come to the end of the personal binary. Libra is in for the public, and it is assumed that there would be political implications of it all.

Now, when we bring into foray the fact that both Venus and Libra are feminine astrological concepts, it can be understood that both would impact women in many ways.

This retrograde ought to be interesting, if nothing else.



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