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Enlightenment Seeking: Obtain A Life Of Eternal Bliss

By Souls of Silver

Enlightenment is the manner by which you can be able to achieve a mindset. You can achieve a headspace and allow yourself to encounter the present in an eternal manner. We can rarely achieve such things and consider these to be paradisal thoughts. 

Mannerisms To Attain Enlightenment

Most masters have spoken about the ways to achieve enlightenment. You have to start with a commitment to your cause. According to the principles of Christianity, you can only serve one God and nothing more than that. This is an important pillar in this faith.


No other religion will mention the same with such emphasis. This results in criticism of Christian hypocrisy.

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Christianity and the principles of capitalism do not mix well together. This concept is an illusion similar to the world and the existence of nature. The principles of Christianity state that you can only serve God, and your wealth is to be used in the pursuit of the same. 

The Concept From The Sacred Texts

The concept of existing with enlightenment along with having materialistic things is highly in accordance with the Buddhist principle of non-attachment. It states that you will observe and enjoy various objects in the physical world but cannot get too attached. The way of the world is a concept and it is a symbolic expression of your existence.

Religious texts like the Old Testament says that you gain nourishment from emotions and feelings. These are creations of God and it falls on us to nurture them. You might tend to refine the materialistic things in nature to add on to your luxury. 

Some religions practice extreme measures to discipline the mind against materialistic wants and needs. It is not necessary. It is said that in order for you to achieve a state of never-ending happiness, you must not mandatorily remove all earthly possessions and relationships. Buddhism and Hinduism both talk about the practice of leaving the families and possessions to go in search of enlightenment. This process is not compulsory as you can also serve God with a pure heart. The service is the true path to enlightenment.

What Is Enlightenment?


One definition of material wealth is an accumulation of thoughts and earthly substances. Having a sense of belonging to earthly things would result in the wastage of morale and emotions. Thus, pivot your thoughts onto your own self to assist in the development of the mind. Hence, helping in expanding the horizons of understanding and the capabilities of grasping the concepts of the mortal world will become an easy affair.

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It is an important aspect to lay stress on the thoughts themselves and not on the consequence of the thoughts. There are many pathways that have been stated to help attain enlightenment. The only important path is to dedicate yourself to a single force- God. You must retain the focus on a single source and achieve true enlightenment and a state of eternal bliss.

Attaining enlightenment is not very easy, but it is noticeable. One of the first ways you will notice it is just by realizing it. It is as if a light bulb turns on in your head. You start seriously questioning why you do or say certain things. The next most common trait of enlightenment is feeling a sense of being connected to something larger. You try listening and understanding those around you much more. You try to see their point of view, and as perspectives as possible.

Enlightenment does not have to be that of a saint. You can be an enlightened person while living a happier and more fulfilling life.



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