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Mercury In Aries: Awaken Your Inner Leader

By Souls of Silver

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mark the dates April 17th to May 6th! Guess why? Because Mercury will venture into Aries and you need to buckle your seat belts. We all know that Mercury is the planet for effective communication and Aries is associated with prompt action. Together, they will help you achieve your goals. Thoughts and actions often do not go hand in hand, but this period is beneficial if you wish to take charge of your life.

It is time for introspection and retrospection. If you have been thinking of making some massive changes by pushing your boundaries or trying something completely out of the box, then you are lucky. The new astrological year will see Aries shining with all the innate leadership qualities.

Aries Meets Mercury

Aries stands for the insane drive and intense focus towards achieving goals. You will see yourself inclined towards real heart-to-heart conversations and restlessness to complete pending tasks. With Aries and Mercury meeting, you will be vulnerably honest. You will think less about what others have to say and do your own thing. While entering Aries, Mercury can make you brutal if you do not focus on your goals.

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The good thing about this transition is that we can be extremely creative. If you are suffering from any kind of mental block, this period will heal you for sure. You will be more daring and achieve your dreams.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed if a bunch of new things comes up. You may be so caught up in your issues that you neglect the solution because it seems too easy. While perspective is Mercury’s domain, Aries gives courage which is crucial for a person’s spiritual well-being.

Mercury Retrograde

On 22nd March, the Mercury retrograde in Aries took place. Along with a dozen of positive signs, there will be some struggles on your way. Hasty decisions owing to Aries’ impulsiveness and miscommunication through Mercury should be avoided by being extra careful. Do not let the zodiac cycle hamper your personal and professional relationships. Think twice before speaking or else, you will regret it.

What If You Were Born In This Period?


So what happens if you were born when Mercury was in Aries? Your dominant trait will be that of frankness. You will find it impossible to hide facts and you will also convey your thoughts in an organized manner. No sugarcoating, no engaging in hypocrisy – you are as clear as a crystal and will not change to suit anyone’s needs. Some people will not be able to handle your straightforwardness and may dislike you. They will be in awe of your courage and would wish to work under you because of that. You will flourish in an authoritative role but it is a risky affair.

While a lot of people would shy away from this plan, you will delve deep into it and be successful. Your ideas may be a little edgy and it will be a while before everyone is convinced, but you won’t give up on your dream.

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Discipline, dedication, and decision form the crux of your leadership. You do not procrastinate and believe in doing things first. Not investing too much thought can be in your stride but you must also be alert. Enjoy this period as it will be beneficial for you!

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