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Important Dates Of Retrograde (2018-19) You Must Keep In Your Mind

By Souls of Silver

Mercury retrograde for 2018, has started on November 16 at 13 degrees Sagittarius and would come to an end on December 6 at 27 degrees Scorpio. Mercury retrograde is squared in Neptune which would create a lot of confusion to the common Mercury retrograde problems of breakdowns, be it communicative, or technological, anxiety issues, and the like. With Moon’s conjunction of Neptune, the hazard of deceit is increased from Mercury retrograde while squaring Neptune.

This retrograde would also see the media covering up several issues that would involve big pharmaceutical industries, and would also incur huge financial deficits of the same. The media would also be scrutinized due to its apparent biased nature towards the political climate of the land. Before we get in midst of all this, it is needed that we know more about Mercury retrograde in the natal chart, and the meaning of Mercury retrograde, while it is in transit.

Natal Mercury Retrograde

This might seem complicated, but it is really simple. This symbolizes that your previous life had some problems with it. It could be anything, from a libel or a slanderous content in a newspaper, to spreading rumors about something, to being a bad advisor to someone who incurred losses.

The Natal Mercury retrograde would do nothing but help you in this regard. They would improve the communication that comes from your previous life, and which has been embedded into your spirit, thereby making you feel as if you are living it again. This debt that has befallen you, would be repaid as your communication skills improve.

In your natal chart, this retrograde would be shown as you facing problems while reading, writing, or understanding a particular stuff. You could be an introvert, you could be hesitant, you could have low self-esteem, you could be misunderstood, but all that is a result of poor communication. The moment that gets fixed, there is smooth sailing there on.

How does that happen? How does this improvement start? Well, it ain’t gonna happen overnight. It takes time, simply because this retrograde would last only for about three weeks, so sometime in your life, you would see this retrograde turning direct, and your skills in communication turning into smooth. Although, it could be polar opposite too. You might stop being communicative, or even stop being a creative, literary person. But that lied only for a short while, and you would be back to normal.

Mercury Stationary Retrograde 16 November

Mercury retrograde this year, will be mostly influenced by squaring of Neptune by Mercury. This would result in distortions all throughout the land. There will be problems at every stage of life, due to a lack of clarity. No one would be able to understand the other, because communication would take a solid hit. In need of advice, seek someone incredibly trusted.

With your family, and friends, it is important that you do not go overboard, and stick to basic communication. You imagining things would not help in in any foray, and might actually result in a lot of other unforeseen problems. Be aware of treachery and scandals.

This period, owing to highly visual imagination, would result in you believing all sorts of conspiracy theories that you would be previously scoffing at. With that in mind, take care to remove yourself from the shady dealings of land realtors, loan sharks and other such psychic vampires, who would be playing with your vulnerable state right now. Stick to music and dance, and don’t do drugs.

Also, Moon conjuncting Neptune would also be a problem, because your sensitivity to varying emotions would be fluctuating, thereby making you gullible, and easy to dupe. You would also feel very negative, and alone, as you would be filled with negative vibes, and thoughts, that would only harm you further. Take care.

Important Dates

Mercury Retrograde 2018 Dates

  • March 22 to April 15, 2018 – 4° to 16° Aries
  • July 26 to August 18, 2018 – 11° to 23° Leo
  • November 16 to December 6, 2018 – 27° Scorpio to 13° Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde 2019 Dates

  • March 5 to 28, 2019 – 16° to 29° Pisces
  • July 7 to 31, 2019 – 23° Cancer to 4° Leo
  • October 31 to November 20, 2019 – 11° to 27° Scorpio


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