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Heart Chakra: 6 Methods To Activate This Chakra

By Souls of Silver

Love is considered to be the closest thing to magic and it arises from the Heart Chakra.

The vibrations of love and heal your wounds and the planets. The Anahata, also known as the Heart Chakra, is found over your heart and makes up the center of your bodily energy. It is considered to be the center of your generosity and compassion. You can maintain healthy relationships as long as your Heart Chakra is balanced and it flows easily. 

Heart Chakra

The month for love, fruition, and passion is July. The desires and pleasures originate from your Sacral Chakra. You can take your passions to a different level by exploring your love life and the Heart Chakra. The Heart forms the center of your chakra system and helps in formulating deep bonds. This chakra creates a union and acts like a bridge connecting your higher and lower selves. We will help you activate your Heart Chakra and aid you in choosing, giving, and receiving love on a universal level. 

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Heart Chakra

6 Methods To Release Your Heart Chakra

1: Go For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art of mixing and working with herbs and scents. This includes exercises too, that can release your intellect into a vast ocean of knowledge and sensual feelings. Your scents and pheromones will attract your friends and family close to you. Rose, Jasmine, Cacao, and Lavender oils will correspond to your Heart Chakra and align your love with your energy.

Pour such oils into your bath and rub them over your hands. Take a big whiff and imagine the love that you can bring into this world. Your mind and body will keep such feelings alive in your mind, even after meditation. 

2: Goddess Will Open Up Your Heart Chakra

You should start working and adoring goddesses like Quan Yin and Hera.

Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy, kindness, and compassion. Work with this goddess and brighten the world with your empathy, grace, and love. 

Hera is the goddess of family, women, and marriage. She is a symbol of power and you can work with her to showcase your case and commitment. 

3: Healing With Crystals

Crystal magic is another way to activate your Heart Chakra and the chakras have their own colors. Every crystal bears its own vibrational energy, too. Pink and green symbolizes the Heart Chakra. We would recommend Chrysoprase and Rhodochrosite for you, to align your life and activate the chakra. 

Chrysoprase is the crystal that can connect with your love and compassion. It will heal your old wounds and help you align with your love.

Rhodochrosite or the Rose Stone heals you and instills compassion, love, and awareness into your life. 

4: Time

Go for volunteering work at shelters or animal rescues. Help your family and friends with their daily tasks and projects and listen to them about their problems. Do not pass any judgment while doing so and help them out with all the facilities available to you. 

You will feel your heart fill up when you devote your time and love to strangers and close ones and this will cause a ripple in your world. You can be a source of inspiration to others. 

5: Hug Others To Open Your Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

This year has been tough on everyone as they lacked human intimacy. Spread your arms and hug your close ones. Your body will release oxytocin after hugging someone for 20 seconds. Oxytocin is the bonding hormone that makes you feel good. Hug your pets or even try hugging yourself. 

6: Practice Exercises

Go to a beach or swim with a breaststroke- do anything that can expand your chest and can help your heart open up to activate the Heart Chakra. You will feel your heart swell and release all the pent-up sadness while doing so. 

You can try Yoga if you can’t find a pool. The camel pose is a good exercise to stretch and strengthen your chest muscles. 

The unwanted energies must be warded off by aligning your Heart Chakra and these energies undergo transformation into positive emotions like love and joy, which have the highest vibrations.



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