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Universal Law: How To Practice The Acclaimed 12 Laws

The law of attraction is one of the 12 Universal Laws and you need to get familiar with the other 11, in order to unlock a spiritual life. 

We will share our views and perspective on these Universal Laws and how to put them into practice. 

What Makes Up The 12 Universal Laws?

Ancient cultures have known the laws of our Universe and considered them to be intrinsic. These laws make up the 12 Universal Laws. 

Universal Law

Some of the laws are associated with ancient Egypt while some are linked to Ho’oponopono. The latter is a meditation exercise originating in Hawaii. 

These ancient laws have remained among humans and withstood the test of time. 

The following are some of the Laws and these are the ways to apply them in your life: 

1: Law Of Oneness As A Universal Law:

This is the first universal law and emphasizes the interconnectivity of everything present. It states that everything bears a connection to each other including our senses, actions, and thoughts.

You can apply the Law of Oneness by being compassionate and recognizing the fact that we are all one.

2: Law Of Vibrations:

Universal Law

When you look at everything under a microscope, you will see that everything vibrates at a certain frequency. This is applicable to matter as well as our frequencies. Our vibrational frequencies can tell us about our life experiences. 

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You can practice certain exercises like yoga, bathing, and sound to elevate your frequency. 

3: Law Of Correspondence:

Patterns are seen to repeat through the universe and even in our personal lives. The reality that we see is just a mirror of what is going inside us.

If you feel peace inside, your life will seem calm and peaceful. So, it is necessary to be peaceful within ourselves.

4: Law Of Attraction As A Universal Law:

Universal Law

The Law of Attraction is the most important Universal Law and states that like begets like. You need to believe in what you are looking for in order to obtain it.

If you want to be loved, you need to express your love to others. The things that we choose to focus on will be reflected in our lives.

5: Law Of Inspired Action:

We need to take action in order to get what we want. It is basically a “plan of action” to get what we deserve. 

We need to be open to all possibilities and control how things are supposed to work out. Slow down, stay silent and create a small space to guide your mind. This makes room for ways how we can achieve the goals in our lives.

6: Law of Perpetual Transmutation:

The Law states that everything in the universe is constantly fluctuating and every action follows thought. The thoughts can manifest in the physical world after some reflections. 

You can be around pessimists and feel your own positive energy depleting. The high positive frequency can overshadow lower frequencies when it is intended. 

7: Law Of Cause And Effect As A Universal Law:

This Law connects the actions and events in the Universe. 

Every action will create a popper reaction- in time and the projected energy will create a ripple effect. 

8: Law Of Compensation:

This law is related to the laws of correspondence and attraction. It states that the efforts you put in will return to you positively.

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You should always serve and try to support others to get back the service you deserve. 

9: Law Of Relativity As A Universal Law:

Universal Law

Everything is neutral even though we can compare everything in the Universe. Everything is relative and we should blame our perception and perspective for it. 

We can apply this law to understand the tough situations in our life with a great deal of compassion. 

10: Law Of Polarity As A Universal Law:

Everything in the Universe has opposites: good and evil, cold and warm, etc. We need to consider them both as they are like the two sides of a coin.

When you are going through a tough situation try tuning in to a new perspective by looking into the opposites. 

11: Law Of Rhythm:

Everything in the Universe has a rhythm and cycles are a part of it. The seasons are an example of such a universal rhythm. 

Note down your inner rhythms and work with them, instead of moving against them. You can give yourself some rest and tune in with this Universal Law. 

12:  Law Of Gender As A Universal Law:

Masculine and Feminine energies exist in everything. 

You need to achieve the balance between the masculine and feminine energies in the Universe and live your life authentically. 



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