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Embrace The Fifth Dimension And Release Yourself From The Illusions Of The Third Dimension

Today, the world is already in the throes of a fifth-dimensional consciousness. We have long moved on from the third dimension, to seek the truth in the fifth dimension. And this has led us to experience the consciousness of unity. The ‘I’ that is present in the fifth dimension does not stand for the self; rather, it is the culmination of unity. Everything is included in it- harmony, love, tranquility, bliss.

Everything present in the fifth dimension is much faster and stronger than they were before. There is rapidity in thoughts, vibrations, and frequencies and this usually occurs when someone is quite aligned with the Universe at large. This is what results out of a deeper understanding of what the Universe truly symbolizes. Remember, the fifth dimension is not another geographical location. It is the present. It is the ‘now’. In the fifth dimension, you aren’t restricted from anything. Rather, you would be able to experience the other dimensions in this dimension. 

Are You Ready For The Fifth Dimension?

The illusion of a third dimension fades when you are in the fifth dimension, but this takes some time for everyone. Some may already be moving on, while some are dallying. You will understand when you have moved into the fifth dimension- ego, anger, vanity- everything simply dissolves. 

In the fifth dimension, you would realize that everything you are experiencing is just oneness. You are one with the entire Universe, and you feel it within you. Your heart chakra will open up for the first time, and you will feel true serenity and bliss. With the opening of the third eye, you will see that your powers of intuition have increased steadily. And this results in you valuing someone else’s welfare over yours. 

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How Does One Remove The Illusion Of Separation, And Accept The Love Of The Fifth Dimension?

To do that, you need to increase your vibrations- and here are ten tips that will help you do so.

1. You need to start a filter through your subconscious. Your subconscious is a storehouse of different thoughts and patterns, and they keep influencing you the way they want to.

2. Start healing yourself if you want to accept the love of the fifth dimension. If you can let go of the pain, the fear, the hurt that the past has brought you, then you will be able to help others overcome their fears and pain. Charity begins at home, doesn’t it?

3. You have no idea why someone did something, for you haven’t lived their lives. So, forgive them for their sins. 

4. Never take things personally. You are one with the Universe- there is no self here. 

5. Always listen to your heart. It will rejuvenate you through passion, and zeal. 

6. Remember the positives in life- there is no place for negativity. 

7. Try to add meaning and value to your life. For this, you might need to focus solely on what heals you. 

8. Always live in the present. The past is dead, and the future doesn’t exist. 

9. Try to roam in nature. The serenity and beauty you would feel are other-worldly. 

10. Never imagine yourself losing- every scenario might have a losing cause, but it also has a winning bet. Bet your life on that. 

If you increase the vibrations within yourself above what you normally vibrate at, you would be able to find peace and serenity in the fifth dimension.



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