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Here’s What September 2020 Has In Store For You

By Souls of Silver

There is a lot of cosmic energy that September 2020 has to offer for all of us. The highlight for this month is surely the Mars Retrograde, which will take place on the 9th of September and last till November. We will also have Saturn and Jupiter ending their Retrograde cycles this month. All that points towards some major changes that will take place as the month goes on.

The Transformative Spirit of September 2020

Considering Jupiter and Saturn have been quite the orchestrators of this year, it would not be wrong to guess that they still have major roles. Precisely why them moving forward would unveil a lot of the mystery that 2020 holds for us. This year was predicted to be quite a significant year, and September 2020 might just amp that up. 

September 2020 is going to help us transform. Although it might begin with destruction and chaos. Remember, despite what you may come across, September is here to protect you. This year might be full of heavy alignments between planets- but the Universe has your back.

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A Deeper Look Into What Constitutes the Astrology of September 2020

 September 2020

The Full Moon in Pisces on 1st and 2nd  September

September 2020 heralds yet another Full Moon, but this time in Pisces. The energy of this Full Moon is considered to be one that brings about realizations and transformations. We might also feel our sensations heightened, especially when it comes to relationships. But remember to deal with anger or misplaced emotions healthily. 

The Sun in Trine With Uranus on the 2nd of September 2020

The Full Moon will activate this energy whilst bringing inharmonious energy for us. The astral event has only one agenda- whilst under the Full Moon, one can expect something special. And all you need to do is look at the bigger picture. 

Venus Opposes Saturn on 2nd September

The Full Moon will again be the orchestrator of this event. The energy of the light shining from this is supposed to show us what has been holding us back. It is our responsibility to rectify the problem. We need to start taking responsibility for our actions. And the light from this event will help us do so. 

Mars Retrograde on 9th September

Since Mars never turns Retrograde in Aries, this is going to be a bit of a shock. We may feel our energies slowing down this September 2020, and hesitations cropping up. But we need to hustle through. There is no reason why you should feel discouraged. You may have doubts, but keep your eye on the prize. 

Sun Opposes Neptune on 11th September

The entire energy of this event would be based on conflict. Since there is a pandemic going on, we may get information about it. But due to the energy passing through, we wouldn’t be able to decipher it properly and feel uninformed. 

The Virgo New Moon on 17th September

The energy of the New Moon in Virgo would tell us to live a life without fear. It will teach us to trust the wisdom that courses through our bodies. The Virgo New Moon brings with itself a promise of healing and a fresh new start. 

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Mars Squares Saturn on 29th September

Since this is the second time this year, Mars squaring Saturn will bring a bit of friction in our lives. There will be a constant push and pull between the two astral bodies. It might increase our irritability. But we need to realize that this astral event is simply asking us to fix ourselves from within. 

There will be a lot of energies shifting throughout this month. But since September 2020 will herald transformations till the next few months, we can tap into that energy to feel one with oneself. 



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