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Did You Know That Birds Are Actually Our Spiritual Messengers?

By Souls of Silver

As a small, inquisitive child I had numerous questions constantly circling around in my mind. Throughout my childhood I had always believed what was commonly told to me regarding the existence of God- he was someone who was omnipresent and resided in the sky looking at all of us. His judgment mattered to me, as I was told that he was the one who was watching over every little thing I did.

But interestingly my questions were mostly about God’s spirituality, His all-seeing capability and its genesis. How can a single person really observe the entire world for every single second of every day? In that particular moment the answer which struck my novice mind was- Birds!

From that day on, birds were God’s messengers for me. They were the answer to all my queries regarding God’s functionality. In my mind the birds were in a constant process of communicating between humans and God. They were the ones observing us and reporting about us to God.

For any other kid, this could have been something straight out of a horror movie, but for me it was actually quite comforting. I was quite carefree after having heard such big news.

But now, as an adult, do I still believe in that naive story? In some ways, yes! I, of course, do not believe that the birds are spies but I do believe that they act as spiritual messengers in other, more sensible ways. Birds can sense our vibes, can act as vessels and carry a sign/symbol with them.

Take a glance at history and you will be astonished at the evidences you find connecting birds with God. Bird’s wings are similar to an angel’s wings. Birds also symbolically represent an array of different qualities. Doves symbolize peace, crows are ominous, eagles symbolize power, hummingbirds represent joy and owls can be synonymous with wisdom. Looking carefully can lead you to many evidences of the symbolic meanings that birds hold.

Because the birds soar high, their proximity to heaven is huge hence their point of connection is relevant too.

As vessels, birds have the capacity to carry on the souls of other people. When a person dies, their souls might choose a bird as a vessel to carry on certain signs to the people who are alive and are on earth.

It is commonly believed that after a soul is free from the body of a person, they seek a bird to make it their vessel. Certain insects like dragonflies and butterflies also carry this ability but a bird is more distinctive in carrying a sign.

It is not as if your dear one’s soul has been reborn as a bird, but rather the bird is just a vessel carrying the message forward. Even your angels or your spirit guides can utilize birds as their personal carriers.

Citing a personal incident; when my sister died, a pigeon visited me quite frequently. Because pigeons are highly common, I did not pay much attention to it. But then, later on I realized it had something more to offer. That pigeon used to directly stare at me for long hours, seemed quite friendly and did not leave my balcony. Only then did I accept the fact that it could have been my sister who was giving me solace after her death through a pigeon! I even dreamed about it.

A common bird like a pigeon holds such significance. I had always thought that the bird would be exotic or rare but instead a very common pigeon had borne the weight of becoming a carrier.

Let us not forget that the pigeons are the first carrier birds who undertook the task of passing on messages over long distances. They are also symbolic of love hence saying that your dear ones are doing fine on the other side of the spectrum.

The next time you spot an avian visitor, keep all your senses open and try to grasp their message!



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