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Intelligence Of 9 Kinds! Where Do You Stand?

By Souls of Silver

Doctor Howard Gardner, a professor in the University of Harvard has put forward a theory regarding Human Intelligence. According to his theory, we possess at least 8 kinds of intelligence. His theory further explains why a particular person cannot be passed off as intelligent or not intelligent only based on a single kind of intelligence. As we all know, every individual is or can be intelligent in different areas of life, and it cannot be limited to only bookish knowledge.

Intelligence cannot be limited by any single parameter. It develops in different ways in different human beings. Our brain develops in many phases, where a certain kind of intelligence grows faster than the rest, while there are others which do not grow at all.

According to the Office of Multiple Intelligences website there can be these kinds of intelligence in a human being:

Spatial:  This ability means that the person can manipulate and conceptualize spatial arrays of large scale (like a sailor or an airplane pilot), or locally formed space (chess player or architect)

Bodily-kinesthetic: Having the ability of utilizing the whole body freely or certain parts of the body for solving problems or generating movements (dancers).

Musical: This kind of sensitivity serves to understand tone, timbre, melody, pitch, meter and rhythm. It leads to abilities like playing musical instruments, singing, composing lyrics etc.

Linguistic: A person can have a better sense of the syntax, semantics, phonetics, inflections in a language (poet, author, lyricist).

Logical-mathematical: Being able to figure out the various logical relations that exists between symbols and actions (scientist/mathematician).

Interpersonal: A person who is extra careful regarding others’ feelings and can easily communicate with anyone. A sense of the mood and temperament of others (negotiator, psychologist).

Intra personal: The ability to be able to discern what is right for oneself, to be able to make out one’s own emotions, anxieties and act accordingly. It is quite necessary for many individuals in this very complex and modern society, to take a stand for themselves.

Naturalistic: Sensibility that caters to identifying different natural flora and fauna or the weather (meteorologist, taxonomist, naturalist).

Spiritual Intelligence: Sensitivity towards matter that cannot be explained. A deeper understanding of the mysterious workings of the universe and human beings. These people are generally accepting of all kinds of people.

It is vital to really recognize the different kinds of parameters of intelligence as there is an urgent need to re frame education. Education needs to be much more inclusive and accepting of all kinds of intelligence instead of imposing a certain kind of discipline equally on all students. On the personal front, think about the varieties of intelligence around you and I am sure you will become much more enlightened about everything later.



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