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The Cloud Lamp: Thunder and Lightning At The Flick Of A Switch!

By Souls of Silver

Mother Nature has gifted us the strangest sleeping aid in a thunderstorm. A storm raging outside your home accompanied by the muted thunderclaps, the pouring rain, and the wind howling in unison – they all combine to create an ambiance that relaxes you immediately and lulls you to sleep. But do rains and thunder and lightning come at the flick of a switch?

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Now the insomniacs have some hope. If you are one, you do not have to worry anymore about spending sleepless nights or staggering into your office in the morning. You can turn on a thunderstorm inside your bedroom just at the flick of a switch.

Here Comes The Rain Man

Imagine for a second entering your home after a hard day outside and wishing you could sleep like a log. You hit the thunderstorm switch near the bed and a symphony of rain and thunder lulls you to sleep. There is also a lamp that conjures a visual treat of thunderstorms inside a cloud. You can enjoy the thunder and lightning within the confines of your bedroom with the help of interactive light. There are even motor sensors that detect your presence and start a light and sound show of thunderstorm, rain, and clouds as you settle into bed.

The Cloud, the name given by its creator, Richard Clarkson, consists of a speaker system and an interactive cloud that imitates a thundercloud both in its “appearance and entertainment.” The studio designs pieces which are ‘inspired by the celestial.’

The Cloud Lamp is made from hypoallergenic fiberfill which reduces allergens and includes a night light and music sensitive modes.

Be The God Of Rain, Thunder, And Lightning

cloud lamp

You can lay in bed and remote control the cloud to watch its awesomeness. The light is simulated using a Philips LED. You can use the powerful speakers to play music of your choice as the device is Bluetooth compatible. Color-changing light is used to control the brightness and color. The Cloud is also equipped with various modes that respond to music and nightlight.

The More The Merrier

A number of Clouds placed strategically all around the room give a dramatic impression of getting caught in a major storm.

Over The Rainbow

And at the end of a thunderstorm, all you can wish for is a rainbow and the Cloud lights up in all the colors of the spectrum.

cloud lamp

A Device For Every Pocket

The full ensemble doesn’t come cheap and will set you back by about $3,300. There is also a non-interactive version for $960. There is also a ‘Tiny’ version of the Cloud. Various add-ons including the cloud stand and the cloud shade are also available. You can try the DIY Cloud Lamp that is easy to assemble and easy on the pocket too. If you are technically inclined and want to go for a less expensive version, go grab one!

The device has been designed by a leading design firm. It should find a ready market in the homes of millions. It is also a quirky way to design your interior with thunder and lightning at the flick of a switch and is sure to impress your guests.

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