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Spirit, Soul And Venus Energy: The Secret Of Friday The 13th.

By Souls of Silver

Should we consider Friday the 13th unlucky?

People have always been associating Friday the 13th with negative vibes and ill-fate. There are several horror movies named after this day which implies that there are increased cases of unhappy accidents related with this day. But have we ever pondered about the root cause of this belief? Before today’s patriarchal system came into being, Friday the 13th was the day of the Goddess of fertility and the cycle of life, a day devoted to the celebration of the Divine Feminine that lives within all of us. READ: 11 Milestones To Cross For Those Who Seek Awakening It was considered to be a day of immense significance, a day to commemorate the beauty, prosperity and wisdom of the soul. Friday the 13th is the day of Goddess Venus and as we all know, Venus is the goddess of feminine energy. We all look forward to the Venus day because her energy signifies the importance to rest and relax. Venus day provides a reminiscence of the days gone by and we are reminded in the process, that at times it is necessary to sit back and let go of the mental and physical exhaustion of the past week. Venus energy also makes us capable to tune with the feminine aura which in turn stimulates our creative self and thus we bring art, music and healing into the world. The number 13 holds within itself a strong feminine vitality. 13 is the number for birth, rebirth, fertility and death – in whole the tree of life. READ: 4 Unusual Abilities That Make Empaths The New Superheroes The reason behind this is that there are 13 full moon cycles in a year and almost every woman experiences 13 period cycles in a year. So if a woman’s menstruation cycle synchronizes with that of the moon cycle, she is supposed to shed her lining on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon. 13th falls in between death and rebirth; the New moon or the shedding of the woman signifies death and the Full moon or the ovulation period of the woman signifies rebirth. In Ancient times a woman when she would bleed, people would consider her to be the embodiment of divine and psychic powers. This essential attitude of celebrating the woman energy has eventually established the patriarchal idea that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. The lunar calender is also made of 13 months which further establishes the idea of femininity as the moon represents the feminine vibe within us. It enables us to cope with our inner emotions and sensibilities as well. Astrology says that beside governing our emotions, the moon also helps us to express ourselves in better ways. This is why many people rely on their Moon sign more than their Sun sign. READ: Why We Must Deal With Our Ego? Pagan cultures incorporate in them the number 13 and they practice several rituals to commemorate the beauty and prosperity of the number 13. This has also contributed into the idea of 13 being an unlucky number because many consider that pagan rituals contain satanic energy. However, we should always keep this in mind that we all have feminine potentials within us and Friday the 13th should not be a day assigned for women only. We should all celebrate the day with the same amount of euphoria to honor our creative persona. Last but not the least, always remember that Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day. It is the day of the Goddess. It represents rejuvenation, reaffirmation of life. It is a wonderful moment to tune in with your inner creative self and celebrate the Goddess that live within all of us. Share this article with your friends and families to break the stigma related to the beautiful occasion of Friday the 13th. Till then Happy Healing!


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