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Overcome Your Fears and Pursue Your Dreams

By Souls of Silver

What scares you the most? Losing your job? Losing your family? If you want to succeed in life, you have to overcome your fears. Those who successfully pursue their dreams don’t let fears hold them back.

The best thing about fear is that it is learned behavior. You are not born with it. That means you can also unlearn those feelings. It will require self-discipline and time, but you can overcome your fears. Don’t let fears confine you to a corner, from where you never venture out. Life has wonderful things to offer us and we should experience them all.

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So how do you overcome your fears and move out of your comfort zone?

1. Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

The fear of failure puts us in a zone of no action. It shuts down your brain and puts you in the fight-or-flight reaction. And you just want to escape. This fear manifests physically as dry mouth, high heart rate, and shallow breathing. To overcome your fears, you have to embrace life fully. Even if you fail at certain things, you will still get to learn or experience something new. Isn’t that exciting enough?

2. The “As If” Method

If fear is a learned behavior, you can adopt another behavior to suppress its ill effects. Next time you fear you cannot do something, think of yourself as someone who is unafraid of those fears. You act as if you are a new person, who loves those adventures and is willing to take all risks. And you do it all with a smile and confidence.

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3. Overcome Your Fears With The Law Of Reversibility

The Law Of Reversibility says that when you feel in a specific manner, you are bound to act in a way that is consistent with your feeling. But when you choose to act in a way that you are not feeling it, eventually the Law Of Reversibility will help create that feeling within you. You repeatedly do the things that scare you can overcome your fears.

4. Move Towards Your Fear

The faster you try to run from your fears, the faster they can move towards you. But if you can put on a brave face and move towards it, it will eventually diminish. Don’t let your fears dominate you. You know you are more powerful than your fears, so why will you let it control you? When you choose not to face your fears, it not only affects you but also your close ones. Your fears can absolutely cripple you, destroying all relations in your life. Are you really willing to give it all up?

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5. Don’t Deny Your Fears

There is no shame in accepting that you fear something. You need to acknowledge it and then deal with it. If you want to overcome your fears, you have to confront it. Most people will try to ignore it until it grows into something massive. It leads to stress and psychosomatic illness.

Think of it as a wall. Repeatedly bashing your head against it won’t make it disappear. You have to accept its presence and then think of ways to cross it. So why deny your own fears?

Be bold and face your fears head-on. The more you practice facing your fears, the better you get at overcoming them. Your self-esteem receives a boost each time and you regain your sense of pride. Eventually, you’ll rise above all your fears and pursue your dreams.



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