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October Horoscope: How Will The Zodiac Signs Experience This Month?

By Souls of Silver

October 2020 is a month of changes and changes. We are starting another cycle, with Full Moons rising on the first and also the last day of October. The Aries Full Moon is currently helping us comprehend our shrouded wants, while Pluto turning direct on the fourth will assist us with considering power structures. Mid-October 2020 will have Mercury turning Retrograde, which will back us off for some time. 

With the New Moon in Libra ascending on sixteenth October, we can zero in on working together with others. The month closes with a Full Moon on Halloween, so the energies will be very fascinating. Here’s what the October horoscope has in store for every one of the zodiacs. 


As the month started with a ground-breaking Harvest Moon in your sign, you are supercharged at the present time. By the thirteenth, make a few changes in accordance with your daily practice. You are in for some transformation, so don’t avoid the changes. Before the month’s over, you will grasp these progressions and quiet down. 

October Horoscope for Taurus 

Post fourth October, you will feel more courageous in affection. In any case, as Mercury turns Retrograde, make an arrangement to save a portion of your cash. With the Sun moving signs on 22nd, you can take the last seven-day stretch of the month to reconnect with your close ones. 


You have been becoming acclimated to certain changes, and things are smoother starting now and into the foreseeable future. Slow down and tweak your daily practice. Zero in on oneself and set expectations for your necessities before the Libra Moon rises. October horoscope says you can receive much success this month! 

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Pumpkin spice season will make you need to zest things up in your life now! This is an extraordinary month to begin that leisure activity you have been needing to take a shot at for such a long time. At the point when Mercury turns Retrograde, you will zero in on your otherworldly development. Try not to be short of facing little challenges, as the chances are in support of yourself this month. 

October Horoscope for Leo 

October 2020 is making you a stickler, and you will be progressing in the direction of shared objectives. Mid-October, slow down and focus on the ordinary. You can make a monetary arrangement as Mercury enters Scorpio and organize your requirements. Before the month’s over, in the event that you feel stuck, connect with your family. They will know precisely what to do! 


October 2020 will make you very cash-oriented. Comprehend where you are burning through your effort and how that can be better used to help other people. October horoscope tells you to question yourself, and have a wide point of view. New open doors will come just on the off chance that you can re-find your motivation. 


Time for you to back off and loosen up a piece. Discover things that bring you delight, overlook what the world thinks. Utilize October’s energy to discover the harmony between profound development and your adoration for material articles. 

October Horoscope for Scorpio 

This month is tied in with pondering and working with others. Be it your sentimental accomplice or your new gathering of companions, you will need to connect. As the Sun shifts in your sign by the 23rd, you will appreciate some extraordinary energies. Benefit as much as possible from it! 


October 2020 is bringing some profoundly beneficial energies your way! Right now is an ideal opportunity to sort out your life and clear all forthcoming work. With the Mercury Retrograde, ensure you don’t disregard your sentiments. You are in for some personal growth, and individual changes will assist you with feeling fresh out of the box new! 


October 2020 is requesting that you organize your undertakings. Try not to squander your energy on things that needn’t bother with your consideration. There will be a few changes to business as usual, so be cautious about how you utilize your energy. On the off chance that Mercury causes you to feel overpowered, quiet down, and take a vacation day. Why not put in a couple of days with your besties? 

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October Horoscope for Aquarius 

You will be more home-arranged for the current month, and tidy things up with some eccentric DIYs. On the profession front, you are prepared to clean things up and grasp development. You will draw in a significant number of individuals this month, yet don’t let their energies consume you. 


October horoscope says time for some contemplation! You need to sit with your affections until further notice, and if necessary, make some solid limits. As the month advances, you will team up with others on a purposeful venture. Investigate the obscure and see what achievement lies covered up. 

October horoscope 2020 is stuffed with infinite energies. It is best not to oppose them. Be adaptable, and the month will have a lot to bring to the table!



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