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Your Unique Love Horoscope As Venus Is In Gemini Till 3rd July

By Souls of Silver

Venus will be direct in 2019 and coincidentally is in Gemini from 8 June to 3 July. The Sun would be in Gemini until June 21st and the Moon would be in the zodiac sign of Virgo till Monday. Now, what do Gemini and Virgo have in common?

Both of these planets are ruled by Mercury which connects one’s mind and what they love to certain actions which lead to things happening. When they don’t, there lingers a sense that things haven’t been fulfilled with anxiety that things are not in place. Venus in Gemini would lead to the zodiacs behaving in different ways because one would find that what gave them pleasure before wouldn’t be able to hold attention anymore. Even basic love would become more evolved, intense and passionate, and in certain situations, one would find it to be even more mature when Venus is in Gemini. Here’s how the zodiacs would experience love during this Venus in Gemini:

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Tarot card: Emperor

Simply Venus in Gemini would make Aries which has the emperor tarot card want to take control of life. It could be anything from a romantic relationship to the domestic household where they would love to change certain things and maybe bring certain new things. They should also deal with the finances and while it might lead to some conflict but in the end, things will run more smoothly.


Tarot card: Sun

The relationship is perfectly fine which would give you the freedom to veer off out of your comfort zone and want to get a new perspective on life. It could be traveling, meeting new people, or even buying a car: anything that makes you happy and leaves you with memories.


Tarot card: Magician

This month will lead you to find the person you truly are and would remind you that you are the creator of your own satisfaction. Only you can make choices that would give in to your desire for love and companionship. Someone who finds that acceptable and understands you for the person you are is someone you should keep for life.


Tarot card: Star

This period will focus on healing. If you have been hurt by someone when you didn’t deserve it, this month would focus on relieving you of it. You would know who you are, and that is important. Like the stars in the sky, you would see yourself shining brightly.


Tarot card: Tower

Things might get tricky for you, so keep your secrets close to your heart. Don’t trust anyone without reason, and always look out for danger. For this month, things can commence unexpectedly. All this signifies that you have to change the way you think, speak and act.


Tarot card: Fool

Partnerships are all out there for the taking. All you need to do is realize that maybe a change is needed on the horizon, and you have to go get that. Also, you might make foolish decisions in your personal life, and might get miffed trying to make it work. Don’t force it.


Tarot card: Death

All you need to do is remember that the past belongs in the past. As you see to that, you will start understanding how adventurous life can get when you visit new places, meet new people and witness life that you have never lived. You need to let go of anger towards people and need to get ready to start life afresh. You might be remembering your past, but you won’t be living it.


Tarot card: Fortune wheel

This period is all about a transformation in your life. You might have been out of love for along period of time but you might also find someone that would touch your heart in such a manner that you never ever felt before. You might be feeling instability in your life but that will be coming to an end. Also, you might be fighting with your significant other but again, don’t worry for good times are coming.


Tarot card: Magician

You never want a love that loses its way while it is going strong. You always want something that would strengthen into a bond that ends up for life. The tarot card which you have show optimism and the fact that you will be curious enough to fulfill your needs for a meaningful and stable relationship. For, you will find someone who makes you happy.


Tarot Card: Devil

You would realize that not all that glitters is gold. And that realization would make you want to get rid of things and people that you might think of as fake. But, don’t worry, for the High Priestess would make sure you have all the details you need before you do something like that.


Tarot Card: Hermit

You are in a period of your life where everything seems to be sunshine and daisies. But you forget that having a semblance of control is also important. All you need to do is spend some alone time with your lover, to get back that love that brought you both closer in the first place.

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Tarot Card: Chariot

You will always be in a position of growth and stability, and that will show in your attitude towards life. You would want to take control, as your tarot card would help you in it. As you feel like things are missing between you and your lover, you should take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Hope this helps. Have a safe time ahead.

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