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June Full Moon Magic: Your Dreams Are Coming True!

By Souls of Silver

The Full Moon of June 17th will reveal itself in the constellation of Sagittarius. It will be sitting just a few degrees from the center of the Galaxy. The proximity of the Full Moon to the beautiful Galactic Center will elevate the energy and amplify it. The frequency at which our planet vibrates will also be raised.

This shift in the frequency of the planet that we call home is going to shower us with opportunities to shift our own frequencies. Our vibrations will have their chance to be heightened into a new realm, a higher realm. It is going to enable us to search the vastness of our creative imagination.

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This Full Moon is an exceptionally friendly and amicable one. It is bound to leave a completely different feeling as opposed to all the other Moons which we’ve experienced so far this year.

The generic calendar year has been halfway complete and the celestial astrological year is ¼th of the way through. The change of seasons is here to mark this passage of time.

Our beings do not require fixing, we do not require healing. All we need and want is love. We must spend time to nurture our souls and love ourselves for who we are.

This energy is creative, dreamy, intuitive, and beautiful. The Full Moon radiates this energy, just beaming it onto our existence. But keep in mind, there is a fiery property to all of this as well.

The root of the soul is where the wisdom finds its power. We must find ourselves to uncover the masks that we have. We must find the liberty we crave and learn to love ourselves, be true to our own selves. There is no want for more blame and shame in the world, there is plenty of it floating around anyway. But speaking our own truth is important.

The Full Moons are considered as points of letting go, so if there is something you must let go of, this is the time. We are being given a chance to ready ourselves. Look out for every indication which is enabling you to look into the future.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is there for you – just let its energy flow through you.

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