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Bathing Ritual For Taurus New Moon: Finding Gratitude

By Souls of Silver

The Taurus New Moon occurring on 4th May will be transformative. Are you someone who is feeling bogged down by your life? The Taurus New Moon will bring about a slow and steady transformation that will help you find a course for your life. Generally, a human weakness is that we tend to engage in negative emotions more than positive ones. If we can shift our perspective and focus on the good things in life, it will start to grow. The thing is, when we focus or incline to something, that thing tends to grow more while the ones we avoid shrivels up and dies. So, this Taurus New Moon, we should focus the energy of the positive things in our life.

Bathing Ritual For Taurus New Moon

You may not want a bath always, so, you can just pour a jug of lukewarm water loaded with ingredients on you too.

The ritual should be performed between 3rd May to 12th May.

You Will Require:

1. Your choice of cleansing tool

2. Your choice of Fresh Flowers: Three to five.

3. Your choice of essential oils

4. Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt

5. Use Candles.

What Do You need To Do With The Ingredients?

1. Cleanse your own aura first with your choice of cleansing. While doing so, recite:

“I start by cleansing everything from my past. All the worries and pains of the past are getting released now. Everything that does not help me in any way will be left behind. Now, I’m full of light and love and genuineness. I’m grateful for everything.”

Now, start cleansing your surroundings. Since this ritual is a bathing one, you have to start with cleansing your shower or bathtub as well. Recite:

“Let this energy that comes to be is pure and light. It will help to cleanse everything that is heavy and painful. Now, everything will be light and purging. I will be cleansed. I’m grateful for everything.”

2. Before you begin with your bath, hold the flowers and put on your lap. Sit and breathe – ten breaths. Try to bring calmness in your mind.

3. Pick up one flower and then say ‘Thank You’ to that flower with all your heart.

4. Now, imagine something that you would like to happen in your life – an emotion or opportunity. Exhale on the flower and say: “I exhale (the desire) into this flower.” The flower will be like a vessel that is holding your desire within it.

5. Pick up the other flowers and say the following in a similar manner:

I exhale self-fulfillment into this flower.

I exhale a new job opportunity in this flower.

I exhale love into this flower.

I exhale self-love into this flower.

I exhale compassion into this flower.

6. Now fill your bath with lukewarm water. Add the essential oils, the salts and then the flower in it. Ignite a few candles to set up the mood too.

7. Enter the bath and relax. Feel the energy for the oil, the flowers and the salts enter your body. Let the magic of these elements work through your body.

8. When the ritual is over, let the water drain, blow out the candle and bury all the flowers outside. Now, you will see the magic happening all around you.

Become one with the Taurean energy with this Bathing Ritual for the Taurus New Moon. Enjoy.

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